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Reddit is a fantastic location to learn new songs. Irrespective of whether you’re looking for new releases by recent artists or you just want to obtain audio that’s new to you, you will obtain what you are searching for throughout quite a few subreddits.

We invested some time digging into the audio scene on Reddit and discovered a extensive selection of the most effective audio subreddits. We have divided our tips into two categories: 1) subreddits exactly where you can explore new songs from many audio genres and 2) subreddits centered on a distinct audio style.

Very best General Songs Recommendation Subreddits

Test these subreddits for music recommendations that span the musical spectrum. 

1. r/Music

With 27.7 million associates, r/Songs is easily the most popular tunes-relevant subreddit. To keep the aim on lesser-regarded artists, you may perhaps not write-up links to songs from bands that are in the sub’s Hall of Fame. However, information or dialogue posts about individuals bands are recognized. 

2. r/IfYouLikeBlank

Although this sub is not limited to music, you can article the bands you like, and this neighborhood will endorse other artists and bands you’ll possibly take pleasure in.

3. r/ListenToThis

Centered on new and missed audio, this subreddit will clear away posts about bands or artists who are residence names or are amateurish.

4. r/NewMusic

Subscribers publish back links to new releases in this sub. Inbound links will have to be from YouTube, Bandcamp, or SoundCloud, and the song should not be older than two months.

5. r/VintageObscura

This sub focuses on obscure new music which is at minimum 25 many years old. Probabilities are you’ve never read the songs posted here. 

6. r/MusicMatch

Publish the audio you like and the community will advise related artists.

7. r/MakeMeAPlaylist

Regardless of whether you’re scheduling a extensive highway journey or a marriage ceremony, put up a ask for to this subreddit, and people will make a playlist just for you.

8. r/MusicSuggestions

Very much everything goes here一requests, ideas, memes, you identify it.

9. r/SpotifyPlaylists

Buyers publish their “hottest Spotify playlists” below so you can find music that is new to you. Also checkout the sister-sub, r/SpotifyPlaylist (no s), where you can make a playlist request. While you’re at it, understand how to add area data files to Spotify.

10. New music Built By Redditors

Redditors are a musical bunch. Learn Redditor-manufactured music at r/RadioReddit. Also test r/ThisIsOurMusic, r/TheseAreOurAlbums, and r/ShareYourMusic.

Style-Unique Tunes Subreddits

Are you a massive lover of electronic new music? Or maybe you’re intrigued in finding out additional about jazz? Research for a subreddit focused to a certain style of music, and you’re probably to obtain a single. We’ll get you began.

11. r/Metallic

Affectionately identified as Shreddit, this sub will get your head banging. Some bands are blacklisted一not because they really do not like people bands but relatively to make home for lesser-recognised artists. In point, Fridays are reserved for posts about bands that have fewer than 10k listeners on 

12. r/ProgMetal

Supporters of progressive metallic frequently put up inbound links to new releases in this sub. This group group resources a listing of the year’s progressive metallic album releases and also hosts a weekly audio recommendation thread on Mondays. 


You are going to discover posts sharing and speaking about rap and hip hop songs in this subreddit. Only submit one-way links from dependable resources like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube. Self-advertising posts are welcome, but make absolutely sure you observe Reddit’s self-marketing pointers.

14. r/Jazz

No memes authorized in this subreddit. If you are new to jazz, you will undoubtedly want to check out the New to Jazz and Jazz Necessities posts, linked in the sidebar. You are going to mainly obtain posts about jazz giants like Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, and John Coltrane.

15. r/Country

Is there a tear in your beer? Do you invest all your time on Aged City Road? Check out out this subreddit for tunes, information, memes and dialogue about nation music.

16. r/IndieHeads

You can write-up inbound links to tracks or video clips by Indie bands and artists, but only if they were introduced fewer than a 7 days prior to your put up. 

17. r/PopHeads

If it’s relevant to pop tunes, you will find it here. This sub is actively moderated, and you can participate in building weekly Popheads Charts, the Popheads Jukebox, and the Prime 10 Pop 10 where by people submit their leading ten songs for a distinct artist.

18. r/Rock

If rock and roll is your jam, visit this sub for posts about rock new music, including new releases and outdated favorites. You could also get pleasure from r/AlternativeRock, r/ClassicRock, and r/ModernRockMusic.

19. r/IndieRock

The Indie Rock subreddit would like to assist you uncover “new (and outdated) music that appears to fly below the radar.” You are going to find music from artists who have not been picked up by the important history labels (nonetheless).

20. r/ElectronicMusic

On this subreddit, followers of digital music article hyperlinks to tunes, videos, and photos. This sub also hosts Check with Me Just about anything interviews and engages in conversations about every single facet of digital music. Also verify out r/EDM, r/Techno, r/Household, and the digital mixes posted in r/mixes. Beep bloop. 

21. r/Blues

This is the primary subreddit for lovers of blues new music, but also try r/BluesMusic and r/BluesGuitarist.

22. r/ClassicalMusic

Around a million individuals read through and add to this local community focused to classical music. Do not skip their wiki, especially the listing of other classical music subreddits.

23. r/Punk

A lot like r/Metal, r/Punk tries to characteristic new new music by restricting posts of songs or albums from bands on its blacklist to one particular working day a 7 days. 

24. r/R&B

This is the residence of R&B on Reddit. Filter by the “Fresh” flair for the latest releases, and do not forget about to also verify out r/Funk, and r/Soul.

25. r/WorldMusic

It’s not quite major, but this subreddit will assist you find out songs from all-around the world. You’ll obtain inbound links to intercontinental, traditional, and ethnic music together with audio that’s common in international locations you have never ever been to.

Subreddits Devoted to Bands and Artists

And lastly, never ignore to lookup for the greatest music subreddits committed to certain performers. You are positive to discover inbound links to recordings you’ve never read by artists you previously love. From r/ToolBand to r/TaylorSwift, your favorite band or singer almost certainly has a full subreddit of their own.

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