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With increasing bandwidth and technical capabilities, gaming has become a beloved pastime. Even folks who never played any games (like my grandma!) are now open to broadening their horizons. A strong contender for the best prebuilt gaming PC provides this opportunity.

This article is for those who wish to get gaming without having to put together a gaming PC. We have enlisted five of the best prebuilt PCs for gaming to start your virtual adventure with a bang. Due to the inflation of graphics cards, it seems wise to invest in the prebuilt gaming rig as they provide excellent value for money.

Below are our top five recommendations:

1. SkyTech Prism II Gaming PC Desktop

The best prebuilt PC for gaming by far is this excellent CPU GPU combo set by SkyTech. It features a powerful AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU. And it comes with, believe it or not, a GeForce RTX 3090 24 GB Graphics Card.

Moreover, it has 32 GB DDR4 RAM and 1 TB SSD to provide blazing fast speed and more than enough storage for your games. Everything is in a Phanteks Qube Case, which boasts a pretty innovative design.

They have included an AIO cooler and 9 RGB fans for maximum ventilation through the metallic mesh case, to cool down the PC during heavy gaming sessions.

You can easily run top games such as League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto 5, Overwatch, and Fortnite on high to ultrahigh settings. This can be accomplished, without missing a beat, thanks to its smooth sailing 60+ FPS at 4K resolution support (if your monitor supports 4K).

For an upgradable unit, massive memory, and snappy performance, it seems like a clever one-time investment. If you are looking for butter-smooth performance that supports 4K gaming and raw editing, this prebuilt gaming PC is a good option.

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2. Corsair Vengeance i7200 Series Gaming PC

Ranking second in our list of best prebuilt gaming PCs, the Corsair is another notable mention. The Corsair Vengeance i7200 Series Gaming PC series features a 10th Gen Core i9 and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics card.

The 10th Gen Processor blazes past anything you throw at it. Yet, it stays cool through all your heavy-duty sessions. After all, it comes with CORSAIR iCUE H100i RGB PRO XT liquid CPU cooler. Further cooling is guaranteed through the spacious Corsair Airflow Mid tower ATX case. A high airflow front panel is best for such a purpose.

The high-performance memory installed in this PC is 32 GB, RGB PRO DDR4. This is enough to game, edit and upload your content on the sidelines.

Moreover, you can upgrade and overclock your CPU in the future if the need arises. Games run smooth as butter. In fact, you can stream and game simultaneously without facing any lags.

The only drawback is some wiring issues with the motherboard.  It’s a standard ATX form-factor MSI Z490 motherboard. Just look up the manual online, and it should be fine.

Buy Here: Amazon

3. SkyTech Blaze II Computer PC Desktop

If you want something in the mid-price range, quality components, and speedy performance, this is the one to check out.

Worthy of being called the best prebuilt gaming PC, this system comprises a Ryzen 5 3600 6-core CPU with a 4.2GHz Max Boost.

This prebuilt gaming PC contains an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6 GB card. It has.   16 GB RAM and 500 GB SSD.

To ensure the PC stays cool, 3 x RGB Ring fans have been installed. They provide maximum airflow in and out of the unit. The mid-tower tempered glass case has a mesh backside which ensures this.

So you can run any PC game of your choice smoothly and lag-free at 1080p high to ultra-resolution with 60+ FPS.

All in all, this prebuilt PC is a good bang for your buck. However, remember that its case is smaller than the ones mentioned above. Upgrading this PC will not be easy.

Buy Here: Amazon

4. Dell Alienware Aurora R10 Gaming Desktop

Nothing gets more striking than this! The Dell Alienware Aurora R10 is an incredibly unique and elegant looking gaming rig. The round shape and snazzy RGB lighting catch your eye in an instant.

But there is so much more to it!

It has an AMD Ryzen 9 3900 processor and AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 8 GB GDDR6 combo giving you the snappiest performance. In addition, 32 GB Dual Channel HyperX Fury DDR4 XMP and a 1TB SSD exhibit exceptional overclocking abilities complete the package.

It also has the PCI-Express 4.0 included, which doubles the bandwidth for graphics cards in the future.

As for cooling, the chassis is designed strategically to vent out air through the side vent by passing through the graphics cards. Along with being compact, its swing arm also has a locking mechanism for added safety.

However, with all those perks, the system gets quite loud when working at full capacity. You can easily counter this by placing it underneath your table or by wearing a headset.

Buy Here: Amazon

5. CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme

If you are looking for the ultimate budget cut for your wallet and wish to have the best prebuilt gaming PC, consider this unit.

For your personal, gaming, and business uses, this prebuilt system by CyberPower is a worthy catch. Its system consists of an Intel i5 2.9GHz 6-core processor, with 8 GB DDR4, 500 GB NVMe SSD, along with a Windows 10 operating system.

As for the ever-important graphics, this set has the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6 GB card. You can play all your favorite games using 1080p Full HD at their highest settings easily.

As for the built, there are four fans front and back that work great through the mesh casing installed. The casing has a tempered glass side panel with RGB lighting. Moreover, this system meets all the requirements required for VR gaming by HTC. The Direct X technology further cycles quicker processing that produces higher FPS, with reduced power consumption.

The only drawback of this budget prebuilt is its limiting 8 GB RAM. This may not be enough if you are into the latest AAA games.

Buy Here: Amazon

Buy Here: Amazon

Buyer’s Guide – The Best Prebuilt Gaming PC

When looking for the best prebuilt PC, consider the following factors:

Prebuilt VS. Customized

Custom-built PCs give you the ultimate control over what component goes in. You may choose all the premium computers, but they may still lack in performance. Why? Because the right components need to go seamlessly together. This can only be done by tech experts who know which components work great together.

If you are not computer savvy, aren’t confident enough, or simply lack the time and energy to customize your very own PC, prebuilt is a better option. Moreover, in contrast to consoles like Xbox or PlayStation, the best prebuilt PC for gaming will offer augmented graphical power.

Graphics Card

If you think you can game on integrated graphics, you cannot be more wrong. The essence of true gaming lies in a good-quality graphics card.

There are three types to look for:

Anything below will not give you the gaming performance you crave. Buying the best prebuilt PC for gaming is a sure-shot way to grasp a worthy GPU without having to spend hours on an ideal CPU GPU combo.

You also need to decide on what resolution do you plan on gaming. For 4k, the GPU required mainly are the RTX  3090, 3080Ti, or 3070Ti. For 1440p mid-range gaming, the RTX 3060 and above may be suitable. Lastly, for 1080p, the older Gen cards like the GTX 660 and above go well.

But beware!

With graphic cards high in demand, many prebuilt PCs come with a total lack of system integration or garbage cards. You might find them as cheap sets, so do not fall for the trap.

That’s why I recommend avoiding these GPUs altogether:

  • GT 710, 730, and 1030
  • RX 550 and 560

How much RAM do you need?

Lots. If a PC is only used for hard-core gaming, you at least need 16 GB. That is if you do not intend on video-editing to upload streams.

However, if a tight budget is a problem, the last limit is 8 GB. This obviously will not perform as well as the 16 GB. But it will suit mid-range to light gaming.

Note: you can always upgrade later with almost all the units we have mentioned in our list above.

A Cool Case

If your wish is to utilize your gaming PC for long, make sure never to let it thermally throttle. A mesh case is best to avoid such scenarios. Liquid Cooling and slide slits stand next in line in terms of efficiency in cooling.

Proper exhaust channels with enough intake space must be your ideal. A cool PC will perform like new for a long time with proper heat ventilation away while protecting the essentials inside.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the best prebuilt gaming PC is the perfect way to avoid problems associated with assembling parts individually. These PCs are a fantastic concoction of the best GPUs, motherboards, and RAMs you could get at a set price. Investing in such PCs is a great way to get more value for your money and get to game right away.

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