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This posting will go over a manual on setting up and making use of a customized dock application in the Xfce desktop setting. Performing as a window / task manager, you can use it to strengthen the glimpse and experience of your Xfce desktop as nicely as strengthen productivity by boosting window management and switching experience.

About Xfce Docklike Plugin

Docklike Plugin or Docklike Taskbar is a absolutely free and open source activity supervisor that can be included to the Xfce panel like any other applet. You can use it as an alternative to the “Window Button” applet available by default in most Xfce dependent Linux distributions. It can also be configured to behave like a standalone dock application, related to Plank dock and GNOME dock available in a lot of Linux distributions. If you have utilised the “DockbarX” software in Xfce in earlier, you will find it really related and it can be utilized as a drop-in replacement for it as DockbarX is now defunct.

The key characteristics of Docklike Plugin incorporate:

  • Capability to pin purposes on the dock as well as use them to change among running software home windows.
  • Supports many displays.
  • Seem and really feel can be custom-made making use of built-in styles.
  • Means to set custom made shades for the merchandise obvious in the applet.
  • Ability to adjust the fashion of indicators for each centered and minimized home windows.
  • Pre-outlined hotkeys to switch swiftly amongst numerous home windows.
  • Potential to take care of windows on far more than 1 workspace.
  • Skill to demonstrate dwell previews of working software home windows.
  • Potential to shift the situation of the window indicator to prime, bottom, left, or right.
  • Supports custom made icon sizes.
  • Ability to team working home windows.
  • Supports re-buying of purposes pinned or seen on the applet.
  • Supports application quicklists in the proper click menu.
  • Capability to edit attributes of pinned and running software launchers.
  • Means to adjust hues of energetic and inactive home windows indicators.
  • Supports a badge that shows the number of open up scenarios of the identical application.
  • Supports dragging and dropping of documents on responsibilities obvious on the taskbar.

Installing Docklike Taskbar

To put in Docklike Taskbar in Xubuntu, first run the pursuing instructions in succession to increase a PPA repository:

$ sudo insert-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/extras

$ sudo apt update

Now run the subsequent command to put in Docklike Taskbar panel applet:

$ sudo apt install xfce4-docklike-plugin

Docklike Taskbar could be obtainable in default repositories of your Linux distribution. So you can install it by looking for it in the bundle supervisor. If not you can abide by even further installation instructions available below.

Including Docklike Taskbar to the Xfce Panel

As Docklike Taskbar is effective as a panel applet, you need to add it to the Xfce panel for it to operate properly. To do so, proper click on on the Xfce panel and simply click on the “Panel > Incorporate New Items” menu option (as revealed in the screenshot under).

A new window will open up. In the lookup box, enter the phrase “dock”, choose the “Docklike Taskbar” entry and simply click on the “Add” button.

You really should now have the Docklike Taskbar seen on the xfce panel and its structure should really be very similar to this.

Centering the Docklike Taskbar Applet and the Panel

You could want to centre the Docklike Taskbar applet as nicely as the panel to make it behave like a dock. To do so, appropriate click on the Xfce panel and click on “Panel Preferences”.

Make certain that the checkbox expressing “Automatically maximize the length” is checked. Cut down the “Length” slider to your preferred price to center the dock.

Just after making these adjustments, the Docklike Taskbar must look like this on your Xfce desktop.

Pinning Apps on the Docklike Taskbar

To pin or mark specified programs as favorites on the Docklike Taskbar, just suitable click on an icon of a operating software and click on “Pin to Dock” menu option.

Pinned programs will act as application launchers as nicely as activity switchers.

Shifting the Tastes of the Docklike Taskbar

To adjust the choices of the Docklike Taskbar, correct click on the Xfce panel and click on “Panel Preferences”.

Go to the “Items” tab and spotlight the “Docklike Taskbar” entry. Now simply click on the tiny cog icon situated at bottom.

The preferences window really should be now visible on your desktop.

You can thoroughly customise the Docklike Taskbar from below and transform its look as perfectly. Any improvements you make must be visible in real-time on your desktop.


Docklike Taskbar fills up the void of Xfce not possessing a suitable “icon only” taskbar. It arrives with several configurable possibilities and you can use it to boost window switching and multitasking practical experience on the Xfce desktop.

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