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As laptops were not invented yesterday, everyone knows something about the standard notebook. But not every laptop is suitable for every other individual. This is because each laptop falls under a specific niche. Gaming, office use, student use, and home use are general examples of such niches. Gaming laptops come with good GPU, office laptops are designed for productivity, and the best laptops for home use keep boredom at bay.

We usually use laptops at home to watch movies, reading & writing, occasional office work, and gaming. So, when you are looking for a laptop in this category, it should fulfill all of these needs. In this article, we have picked some cool laptops for you to consider. But first, let’s take a look at the buyer’s guide section.

Buying Guide – Best Laptop for home useBuying Guide – Best Laptop for home use

Before diving into our top five reviews, the following factors need your utmost attention. Knowing this information will help get your ideal machine.

What certifies a laptop for home use?

Home use is a general term that includes standard laptop use. This kind of laptop is suitable for general browsing and entertainment. Therefore, it comes with adequate storage, audio/video, and connectivity options. If you plan to buy the best laptop for home use, make sure you know all its features. You may end up paying high prices for shiny features that are never going to be utilized.

Performance and Features

A laptop’s performance is dependent on the usage of an individual. How heavy is your usage? If it’s going to increase soon, it is better to invest in an upgradable system.

You must keep an eye on prices if you plan on getting greedy with features. Certain features that add to the luxury of a laptop include:

  • High-end GPU
  • Webcam covers
  • 2 in 1 laptop and tablets
  • Fingerprint sensors
  • Scissor switches in keyboards
  • Bigger keyboards
  • Laptop size – big or small

The inclusion of such items truly adds to its use but also becomes a burden on your wallet. The decision is entirely up to you. Pick one that caters to all your needs.

What specifications should a home use laptop have?

Before diving into the technicalities of laptops, you need to pick a specific OS between Windows, Mac OS, or Chrome OS. Regular home users don’t need a Linux laptop. The choice of your operating system is highly dependent on what application forums you use, and your smartphone uses too.

Mac OS comes with Macs and goes well with other Apple Products. Chromebooks allow you cloud access and are way cheaper. Consider Windows to be the bridge between the two. It is the safest due to its diverse range of 2 in 1 PCs or various laptops with different size and form factors.

Normally a home use laptop bids well with 4GB RAM, an i3 or i5 Processor, around 250 plus HDD. Anything beyond – like an SSD or a graphics card – is entirely up to your use.

Battery Life

Laptops for home use generally don’t require too much juice. When portability is not a problem and a power outlet is within your reach, a laptop with 5 to 6 hours run time sits perfectly.


Do you want the best home use laptop? You got to have killer visuals for the optimum streaming experience. A razor-sharp view, mostly 4k these days, offering higher color intensity and pixels is a must-have. Slimmer bezels do seem to add to the user experience.

However, do know that 4k resolution also means your battery will drain faster. In addition to it, a general home use laptop usually has integrated graphics or a low-end card.

Can the best laptop for home use also be a gaming laptop?

Some side gaming never hurt anyone. But make sure the laptop you pick has a decent graphics card, adequate SSD storage, and expandable RAM if you are into gaming. Moreover, having solid speakers and a comfortable keyboard are must-haves even for general home-based entertainment use.

Top Ranking Products

1. 2021 Acer Chromebook

Ranking first in best laptops for home use is the 2-in-1 convertible Acer laptop. This is an 11.6″ HD IPS display with wide viewing angles for the optimum experience. It is designed as a 360-degree flip and folds design, offering maximized versatility in use.

This Chromebook comes with a 4GB Ram and built-in internal storage to save all your top priority files. Because of good RAM, it manages to run apps fluidly and allows you to multitask at any time.

As for battery life, 10 hours are offered for all your browsing needs throughout the day. The Acer runs on an Intel Celeron N40020 processor with a Chrome OS, and it comes with Intel Burst technology. Turbo burst provides better control over the CPU’s clock frequencies.

But, what’s really intriguing about this model?

The laptop is best for general browsing and everyday home use. It’s very slim and lightweight, allows you to handle your laptop in ways you deem fit. The modern twist offered by the USB C ports lets you charge it with your phone chargers too. Impactful visuals are provided through the solid Gorilla glass screen. The only let down to this work machine is its small screen and resolution, which honestly isn’t bad for the price.

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2. HP 14” Touchscreen Home Laptop

If size and versatility are top priority, HP certainly secures second place in line for the best home use laptops. It’s an HP laptop with a bigger 14” touchscreen. And you get Windows 10 running as its primary OS.

It comes loaded with AMD Ryzen 3 Processor. Plus, carrying an 8GB DDR4 240 MHz RAM and a 128GB SSD, this laptop is also a solid gaming laptop. It’s an energy-efficient laptop with an LED-backlit screen, wired for home use.

What makes us say that?

The HP laptop comes with expandable RAM. It is key for those people who may need to upgrade their machines in the future.

At such a low price, you get a high functioning laptop with big screen size, decent Radeon graphics card, and upgradable RAM. The only downside to it is that due to the absence of a quad-core processor, this home-use laptop tends to freeze in between applications if it’s dealing with a heavy load of work.

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3. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Next up, we have the most advanced version of Microsoft Surface. Decked with a Quad-core 10th Gen Intel i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and a 12.3″ Pixel Sense Display, the Surface Pro 7 is a 2-in-1 perfectly made for versatile home use.

What’s more

This is the only tablet with a fan, which allows it to carry on loaded chores without heating up. Additional features include Windows Instant hello, which renders the device to switch on instantly anytime, anywhere. Plus, the Studio Mics in this version are much better than the previous versions by successfully cutting down background noise. With over 2x faster performance, it had to be on our list of best laptops for home use.

The Surface Pro adapts to your needs. Switch between the Type cover and precision pen to your suitability. Moreover, the fast charger that comes along with it also uplifts its use. You can charge up to 50 percent in an hour easily.

However, the Surface Pro has limited SSD as the tablet is sealed shut. So, it is an expensive choice for sure.

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4. ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 2-in1 Laptop

Another credible option for the best laptops for home use is the flexible ASUS Chromebook featuring a 360-degree hinge. It has a 12.5” full HD display, along with a lightweight, portable body.

This touchscreen laptop has an Intel Core processor of 64GB and 4 GB RAM for fast functioning. It allows you smooth multitasking for all Android-ready applications.

But, what’s makes this laptop worthy of inclusion in our list?

If your home use requires data entry or daily blogging, the 1.4mm key travel keyboard will not disappoint. This ensures minimal key float combined with its spacious trackpad. This backlit keyboard redefines home keyboard use to another level.

ASUS also frees you from the hassles of installing security software for your laptop. It has a built-in anti-virus ready for internal protection. As for external care, the Gorilla Glass coat safeguards its meticulous touchscreen. Instant start-up and lasting for an entire day.

Overall, it has a great price, fast performance, and an efficient processor. Its only drawback is the lag that ensues when you change between laptop and tablet modes.

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5. ACER Aspire 3

Acer is known for being generous with its laptops for a given price range. And so is this laptop. The best budget laptop fit for home use is the Acer Aspire 3.

This is a 15.6” big-screen laptop that delivers excellent performance. It has sturdy built and is super affordable. It comes packed with the 100th Gen Intel Core i5, Quad-Core Processor, full HD LED display, and UHD Graphics. This means, not only does it qualify as the best laptop for home use, but it is also suited for light gaming.

Its key feature is the 180-degree flip, making it easier for you to work on different angles. Moreover, blue light technology safeguards your eyes from sharp rays.

However, apart from light browsing, music production, and streaming, it starts to lag and heat up if you add software to this laptop. Moreover, the plastic built may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Still, the value it provides for the price is a bargain.

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Final Thoughts

Getting the best laptop for home use is not as complicated as it may seem. I recommend 2 in one laptop for home users as they offer more flexibility. Regular clamshell laptops are a good option if you don’t plan on tugging your entertainment center along yourself now and then. For most home users, a core i3 processor, 4Gb RAM, 256 GB HDD, and a 12-15 inches display is fine. The rest is a matter of personal choice and, of course, budget.

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