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Enumerate () is current in the python library and is a created-in perform. As an input, it can take a collection of phrases and presents them an enumerated object. Enumerate functionality is comparable to the for loop in other languages like C. Enumerate () operate usually acts as an iterable item that counts in each and every iteration. The begin index or start off parameter is optional in the enumerate purpose code. The enumerated object received as output is then specifically used for further more amendments like use in for loops etc.  Enumerate () functionality assists us to permit looping in excess of strings, dictionaries, and lists and display screen the output with knowledge indexes. Getting benefit of enumerating as compared to employing loops is a pythonic way in the programming sector. It also will make the code clean up and very easily easy to understand. Simply because as we prolong the code, it turns into messier and leads to quite a few glitches.  In this article, we will protect unique illustrations to see the performance of Enumerate operate.

Syntax of enumerate()

Enumerate (Iterable object, setting up index)

There are two parameters of enumerate function.

Iterable: An item that is used to help iteration like loops.

Get started index: It is an optional parameter that is utilised to start off iteration from the distinct index. If setting up index is not talked about, it is viewed as as zero then,

Utilize enumerate() on the record

Think about a list named Sample owning the names in it. We will choose yet another non permanent record and implement the enumerate purpose on the sample list to keep the output in the sample1 list. Record() perform is used to display the resultant output of enumerating python operate.

To see the outcomes, we will both run the method on the spyder resource or have the involvement of Linux we have to have to open up the terminal to execute the command.

$ python3 /house/aqsa/

Here we have made use of the phrase python3, as the supply code is in python, while 3 reveals the variation number. Pursuing the python, the title of the file I have prepared or the whole route tackle of the respective file. As the extension exhibits, .py is the extension of python.

The output demonstrates that the index quantity is allotted to each and every term existing in the listing.

With get started index, implement to enumerate() on the checklist

We have taken the exact same over case in point to elaborate the utilization of the start out index in the checklist. Listed here the variation among the earlier mentioned a single and this example is that we have furnished the index number from where we want to begin offering the quantity to the knowledge present in the checklist. By default, the index range is started out from as we have currently witnessed in the over instance, we do not have offered the index range, so it is commenced from the index price.

>> sample1 = enumerate(sample, 8)

In this instance, alternatively of utilizing the Linux terminal, we have operate the question on the device we are using as a textual content editor(i.e., spyder). The respective output displays the index amount starting from the number we have pointed out in the code.

Use Loop operate on the Enumerate ()

For loop has a few parameters get started, stop, and increment. But below in python, we have just applied the variable to get started and delivered the perform with the index amount from the place we want to start off displaying the output. The syntax for the FOR loop is appended underneath:

>> for I in enumerate(sample,22)

The print operate will move the variable as a parameter to show the content material.

We will show the output in the Linux Ubuntu terminal. The output displays the index selection starting from 22 and onwards with each individual phrase current.

Utilize enumerate() perform on a string

Each item is a character in a string. By applying this functionality, we will get the character benefit and character index. Enumerate (string title) is a easy purpose syntax employed to implement his perform on the string.

In this illustration, we have taken a string “python3”, whose name is a string.  Listed here we will utilize the FOR loop to excessive the complete string. The loop features in the enumerate purpose is by now discussed above in the report.

As it is apparent from the output, the index number is allotted to every character of a string.

Utilize enumerate() perform on the python dictionary

If you want to implement an enumerate operate to the dictionary, you will use the purpose product () with the dictionary’s title. Listed here we have taken a dictionary acquiring both of those keys and values. The picked out procedure for this example is very different from the other folks as we have taken two variables to indicate the index. 1 is for the critical, and another one particular is for the value. The output will be acquired by utilizing the for a loop.

$ for k,j in dictionary.things():

The output of the plan is shown under by applying the Operate system in the Spyder tool.

Use Conditional Statements on enumerate () purpose

You ought to be mindful of the conditional statements in diverse languages. A single of the most commonly applied conditional statements is the if-assertion, which we have utilized in our example. The conditional statement is employed to skip other undesired goods in a solitary iteration of a loop. Below in this illustration, we have taken sample data. We want to print only 1 phrase that is present on index 1. As in this purpose, we really don’t have to point out any setting up index, so by default, it is zero.

So the condition will verify the index if it is equivalent to the demanded index, then the output is displayed. As proven beneath, “class 3” is current on index 1.


In this short article, we have viewed the choice of complex loops, and we have talked over the basic distinction amongst loops and the enumerate function. Further more, the enumerate () method software on strings, dictionaries, and the listing is explained in an elaborated way.

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