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Linux directors generally have to have to know the amount of cores although handling the Linux servers and assigning several tasks to many server equipment. Initially, Computer devices arrive with solitary-main CPUs, but at present, we have multi-core CPUs to boost general performance. This write-up will present quite a few methods and commands to locate the amount of cores in the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS process.

  • Using the “lscpu” command
  • Working with the “/proc/cpuinfo” file
  • Utilizing the “nproc” command

Process 1: Getting the range of cores in Ubuntu making use of the “lscpu” command

The ‘lscpu’ command provides all the information and facts related to the CPU Architecture.

The above command will exhibit all the information and facts relevant to the CPU, like CPU Architecture, the variety of CPU cores, threads for every core, and many others.

To filter out the CPU info only, use the ‘lscpu’ command with the ‘egrep’ command like this:

 $ lscpu | egrep ‘CPU(s)’

As you can see in the screenshot attached previously mentioned, the strains which consist of the string “CPU” are shown as an output to the command pointed out earlier mentioned:

This ‘lscpu’ command collects all the facts from the ‘/proc/cpuinfo’ file and sysfs, so this signifies we can immediately get the CPU-linked info from the ‘/proc/cpuinfo’ file.

System 2: Getting the selection of cores in Ubuntu employing the “/proc/cpuinfo” file

As the name of ‘/proc/cpuinfo’ is indicating, it is a file that is made up of the data of CPU, and we can very easily look at all the details of this file employing the cat command:

From this complete bunch of details, we can filter out the facts and get the actual quantity of cores by combining the cat, grep, and wc command as shown in the down below-specified command:

$ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | wc -l

You can see, it has demonstrated only the variety of cores.

Method 3: Finding the quantity of cores in Ubuntu making use of the “nproc” command

Rather of applying the ‘grep’ command to filter out the selection of cores from the ‘/proc/cpuinfo’ file, there is a straightforward command acknowledged as ‘nproc’ for receiving the selection of cores only:

As you can witness in the output of the earlier mentioned command, it also has printed out the quantity of cores as we ideal.


This post has 3 simple nonetheless profound strategies to come across the quantity of cores and other CPU-connected info in the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Operating program. Working with any of the over-presented strategies, locating the selection of cores is no for a longer time challenging.

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