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Tag is a helpful characteristic of the git. The distinct position of the repository can be determined by defining the tag for that level. It is generally employed to preserve the release variation of the repository, and the person will be ready to transfer in the before edition of the repository by using the tag. The tag can be established for a particular commit of the git record. To generate this type of tag, the dedicate SHA will be expected at the time of creating the tag. It is greater to know how to create the tag for the repository just before introducing a tag for a specific dedicate. The strategies to make the easy tag and a tag for the particular dedicate have stated in this tutorial.


Set up GitHub Desktop

GitHub Desktop aids the git user to accomplish the git-associated tasks graphically. You can quickly down load the hottest installer of this software for Ubuntu from You have to put in and configure this software right after obtain to use it. You can also verify the tutorial for installing GitHub Desktop on Ubuntu to know the installation procedure appropriately.

Develop a GitHub account

You will have to have to generate a GitHub account to check the output of the commands made use of in this tutorial.

Create a local and remote repository

You have to build a local repository and publish the repository in the distant server to take a look at the instructions utilised in this tutorial.

Produce a simple git tag:

You can build a new area repository or any existing repository to check the instructions applied in this element of this tutorial. I have applied an existing nearby repository named graphic-gallery and opened the repository folder from the terminal. Run the next instructions to test the recent standing of the repository, insert an untracked file, dedicate the activity, create a tag, and show the listing of the existing tag.

$ git standing
$ git include f1.jpg
$ git commit -m “Initial picture included.”
$ git tag V-1.
$ git tag -n

The subsequent output reveals that the git repository has three untracked files, and the file f1.jpg has been additional to the repository. This endeavor has been fully commited. Following, a tag named V-1. has designed and shown.

Develop git tag for a commit:

The dedicate SHA value is necessary to insert a git tag for that unique commit. The `git log` command with –oneline choice is utilised to get the limited SHA code of a commit. Operate the subsequent instructions to examine the current git status, incorporate an untracked file named f2.jpg, commit the activity, and get the checklist of all commits with a brief SHA worth.

$ git position
$ git incorporate f2.jpg
$ git commit -m “Next graphic added.”
$ git log –oneline

The next output demonstrates that the repository has two untracked information, just one file is included, and the task is dedicated. Future, the `git log` command demonstrates that the record of 3 dedicate responsibilities with SHA values.

Find the dedicate SHA price from the log output and run the following commands to build a tag for that distinct dedicate and check out the log information once more.

$ git tag V-2. 792e311 -m “Tag is additional for the 2nd dedicate with V-2.”
$ git log –oneline

The subsequent output demonstrates that a tag named V-2. has been additional for the dedicate SHA benefit, 792e311.

Generate git tag for the very last dedicate:

Building a new tag-primarily based on any commit SHA worth has been shown in the past illustration. But if you want to create a tag for the very last dedicate, then you really don’t want to know the Dedicate SHA value. A new file has been additional, and the activity has been fully commited like the previous aspect of this tutorial. Run the `git log –online` command to verify the final committed activity.

The adhering to output demonstrates that the previous committed information is “Third image additional,” and it has fully commited in the branch key.

The previous dedicated job can be referred by the HEAD, and you really don’t will need the commit SHA to generate a tag for the past dedicate. Run the pursuing commands to build a tag for the past commit with HEAD and display the log information and facts soon after building the tag.

$ git tag V-3. HEAD -m “Tag is included for the third dedicate”
$ git log –oneline

The adhering to output exhibits that a tag named V-3. has been designed for the past commit.

Now, open up the repository from the GitHub Desktop. The following picture demonstrates three commits’ messages with the 3 tag names created in the previous component of this tutorial. Now, click on the Publish repository choice to publish the up to date articles of the local repository to the distant repository.

When the repository is published as a result of GitHub Desktop, then it does not publish the added tag info. So, the added tag can be published to the distant repository by working with the `git push` command. Run the adhering to command to push the tag data to the remote server. You have to provide the username and password of the git account to execute the command effectively.

The pursuing output shows that a few new tag entries have been pushed into the distant repository.

Now, login to the git account from and open the remote repository named image-gallery that has been revealed in the before action. When the tag website link has clicked, then the details has appeared. All the posted tags with tag messages are displaying listed here.


Diverse means to add the tag-unique commit have been described in this tutorial by using a demo git repository. A straightforward tag, a tag with a unique dedicate SHA, and a tag for the final dedicate have been developed in this tutorial to enable the viewers know how to develop a tag and utilize it properly in their repository.

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