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Scribus is an open up-source, multi-system desktop publication application. It is made use of for designing and publishing brochures, newspapers, magazines, posters, textbooks, and even newsletters.

If you are acquainted with the Adobe InDesign app, then Scribus is a totally free choice to it. Scribus has all the characteristics that a top quality application delivers, these as format designing, typesetting, vector drawing, and graphic manipulation. The projects created in Scribus can be published in electronic and print formats. The important attributes of Scribus are listed beneath:

  • Scribus supports CMYK, location colours, and ICC shade profile
  • It can be used to generate animated and interactive PDFs
  • Supports import and export of numerous file sorts
  • Arrives with emulation of colorblindness
  • Renders LateX and Lilypond

This write is up is a in depth manual about how to put in Scribus on Ubuntu:

How to install Scribus on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Scribus AppImage can be downloaded from its site we will install it using official PPA.

Phase 1 – Including Repository

To include the repository, use the pursuing command:

$sudo include-apt-repository ppa:scribus/ppa

Move 2 – Update packages checklist

To update the offers list, use:

Action 3 – Installing Scribus

Now, to set up Scribus, use the below-outlined command:

$sudo apt put in scribus

As soon as the installation is finished, open up it:

Let’s start with the opening window of Scribus in the “New Document” tab, you will get the adhering to solutions:

  1. Choose structure form, one and struggling with pages
  2. Pick out default site measurements (Letter, A4, tailor made), find orientation (portrait/landscape), set personalized web site dimension, and improve default units (points, picas, centimeters, millimeters, inches)
  3. Set Margins according to your need
  4. To include bleeds to the doc
  5. Different other selections similar to doc

Scribus arrives with pre-designed templates as properly open up the “New from Template” tab:

Many templates include brochures, small business cards, newsletters, guides, PDF Displays, etcetera. Let us acquire a seem at its interface:

The consumer interface is very well arranged and very welcoming most of the shortcut keys are straightforward to recall. You can insert text, visuals, vector styles, polygons, and arcs. In addition, you can change color and render configurations as very well.

How to uninstall Scribus from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

To uninstall it from your technique, use:

And to delete the repository, use:

$sudo insert-apt-repository –clear away ppa:scribus/ppa


Scribus is a free but incredibly robust application for desktop publications. It provides all the functions and tools that you hope from a paid application. In this tutorial, we discovered how to install Scribus on Ubuntu and discovered some of its fundamental principles like doc placing and inserting different elements.

And then, we recognized how to uninstall it alongside with its repository. Scribus is a quite promising software and regularly up-to-date by the builders, earning it a very advised app for desktop publications.

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