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Finding destructive, spammy, self-marketing, or inappropriate remarks on a article you posted on Fb is unavoidable.

Worse continue to, you are not positive regardless of whether to slap again, block the individual or dismiss the remark completely, specifically if you regulate a Fb group or site for a brand name.

Luckily, Facebook allows you to disguise feedback that could damage your reputation or business enterprise.

In this guidebook, we’ll demonstrate you how to cover opinions on Fb and what occurs when you do.

When to Disguise a Remark on Facebook

When you get an uncomfortable or offensive remark on your Facebook article, the first instinct is typically to delete the comment. Having said that, not all scenarios of these kinds of feedback have to have deletion – you can react to some and ignore other folks.

Hiding a comment is easier to do than deleting it or banning the creator entirely from the Facebook site.

Some consumers just want to promote their own solutions as a result of your article, spam it with unsafe inbound links or depart remarks with inappropriate material or language.

You could delete such opinions, but except if you ban the consumer from your page, they’ll just keep coming again. Even so, it can be really hard to maintain up with all the responses in particular if the website page has a lot of engaged followers.

Whilst it is alright to remove any detrimental sentiments from your posts that can likely hurt your Facebook site, not all of them really should be hidden. Users may perhaps immediately see that you delete their comments, especially those people that criticize your organization, and you might stop up getting rid of their believe in or loyalty.

Some others may perhaps get agitated or angry if you delete their reviews, go away scathing opinions, or vocalize their views on their have web pages – and you can not management it.

Hiding opinions can assist you cut down collateral injury and gain you.

What Takes place When You Disguise a Comment on Facebook

When you cover a comment on a Facebook post, you are basically retaining other users from observing the remark besides for the man or woman who posted it and their buddies.

In contrast to deleting a comment, exactly where the person will know that you removed it, they will not know when the comment is concealed, and you can prevent probable fallout.

You can nevertheless unhide or delete the remark later or report it especially if it violates Facebook local community benchmarks.

Just before you conceal a remark, find out no matter if you can deal with it. In many cases, a person might depart a destructive comment out of frustration. Turning a negative experience into a fantastic 1 could improve a distraught follower into a loyal enthusiast or customer. 

You can also handle an issue professionally and exhibit other people that you are all set to resolve any problems they might have no subject how grave they appear to be. Numerous users would be eager to move to a personal concept to examine their difficulty even further and you can use that chance to help them.

If you have to hide a comment, make certain you catch it before it will get a lot visibility or engagement.

How to Cover a Comment on Fb

No matter if you’re applying a laptop or cellular device, you can hide a remark on Facebook in a few uncomplicated actions.


On your Windows Computer system or Mac, you’ll want to open Fb on a browser and then hide the comment from your article.  

  1. Go to the Facebook submit and find the three dots to the appropriate of the comment you want to conceal.
  1. Select Conceal comment.


If you are making use of an Android smartphone or tablet, you can disguise a remark on Facebook through the Fb application.

Go to the Fb submit, tap and keep the remark you want to disguise and then faucet Cover remark.


You can also hide a comment on Facebook on your Iphone or iPad by using the Facebook app.

Go to the Fb article and faucet on the comment you want to hide and then decide on Conceal.

In all three occasions – laptop or computer or cellular system – you can ban the person or web page that created the comment. You can also report the comment if it goes from Facebook’s Group Standards.

Decrease Collateral Harm

Apart from the circumstances and techniques we’ve mentioned, there is a great deal far more to consider when hiding responses on Facebook.

Make certain you have very good good reasons for hiding the remark, deal with it if other buyers request about it, and constantly consider the most effective option just before having motion.

Check out out our other Facebook guides on how to ship self-destructing messages in Fb Messenger, produce an nameless Facebook account or hide your position from one or specific buddies.

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