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Every single computing gadget has time and date as the extremely primary provider furnished by them. Date/time and time zone are interlinked phenomena in computing gadgets as date/time is dependent on the time zone chosen by the consumer. The date and time are routinely fetched according to the time zone nonetheless, the consumers can also modify them manually.

The Linux pc manages two styles of clocks:

Components Clock

It is also known as Actual-Time Clock (RTC) and keeps on tracking the time and date even if the program is turned off. There is a smaller battery backup available for RTC that enables it to hold on managing the clock.

Program Clock

Contrary to RTC, this clock has no ability again up so, it does not preserve the time when the procedure is powered off or on low power. However, when the process is turned ON, it gets assist from the hardware clock and fetches the accurate date/time. A computer software clock can also be referred to as a technique clock.

In this short article, we will deliver a thorough utilization of a well-recognized timedatectl command so, let’s start out:

How to look at and edit time/day on Ubuntu 20.04

This area explains the system of examining and editing the time/date on Ubuntu 20.04.

The syntax timedatectl command is specified underneath:


timedatectl [option] [command]

How to examine recent time and day making use of timedatectl

The most important use of this command is to show you existing day and time execute the command stated underneath to get the print of time and day:

Following getting the result of the higher than command you may see in depth info this kind of as your local time and day, universal time, time zone, and so on.:

How to Adjust the time or date utilizing timedatectl

The timedatectl command can be employed to improve the time or date of the technique. To transform the date or time, subsequent syntax is utilised:


timedatectl set-time HH:MM:SS

Also, the next command will adjust the neighborhood time to 11:11:11(HH:MM:SS) it is noticed that the common time and RTC are also altered according to community time:

$ timedatectl established-time 11:11:11

To confirm the modifications, you should execute the following command:

Likewise, one can alter the current date of the technique using the exact command as previously mentioned:

The syntax to modify the date of the system is offered beneath:


timedatectl established-time “YYYY-MM-DD”

Wherever “Y”, “M” and “D” signify the calendar year, thirty day period, and day respectively.

For instance, the command provided under alterations the date to 2022-09-01(YYY-MM-DD): it is noted that time will also be reset to 00:00:00 :

$ timedatectl established-time “2022-09-01”

How to Modify the time zone using timedatectl

For starters, you will have to know the time zone in which you are running you can check your time zone employing the following command:

$ timedatectl | grep Time

Or uncomplicated timedatectl command can also give you the needed final result, as shown in the screenshot below:

The timedatectl can be used to alter the existing time zone to start with, you will have to know the time zones supported by your program to verify the record of readily available time zones, execute the following command.

$ timedatectl list-timezones

In case you want to alter the time zone to other out there time zones, the previously mentioned checklist would be helpful to you in this regard. You can set the timezone by subsequent the syntax explained under:


timedatectl established-timezone [name_of_timezone]

For instance, the following command will enable to transform the time zone to “America/Barbados”:

$ timedatectl set-timezone The united states/Barbados

Moreover, if you want to established the time zone to Coordinated Common Time (UTC), then execute the command presented under: it is advised to keep the configurations of the clock in UTC:

$ timedatectl established-timezone UTC

How to Synchronize Genuine Time Clock employing timedatectl

The hardware clock (also regarded as a genuine-time clock) of the procedure can be synchronized with your community time zone or UTC, utilizing the timedatectl command. It passes binary quantities (,1) to the command, which refers to the neighborhood time zone or UTC.

The binary variety () is utilized to sync the hardware clock with the nearby time zone, and you can execute the subsequent command to synchronize the Actual-Time Clock to UTC:

$ timedatectl set-regional-rtc

Alternatively, you can synchronize RTC to the area time zone by working with the command specified down below. This command will demonstrate the warning that switching the RTC to a neighborhood time zone can lead to troubles.

$ timedatectl set-nearby-rtc 1

Referring to the syntax of timedatectl, it includes option search phrases among timedatectl and command keywords. The timedatectl supports a variety of possibilities that can be considered to conduct distinct jobs, this sort of as:

h shows the help facts

To check the edition of the timedatectl —variation option is used.

noquestionpassword choice will allow for the consumer to bypass the authentication course of action


Ubuntu remaining the well-known distro of Linux, lets a range of instructions to carry out a number of operations. Amongst them, the timedatectl command is applied to aid the command line buyers regarding the time zone, day, and time of your method. This manual provides temporary information and facts linked to the timedatectl command of Ubuntu. The customers can edit time, day, and time zone utilizing the command line terminal. Moreover, it lets synchronization of the Genuine-Time Clock with regional time zone or UTC, but it is better to apply maintaining the RTC synchronized with UTC.

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