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Players invest most of their time on their gaming desktops and are constantly hunting to equip their gaming PCs with the latest graphics playing cards, processors and a lot more. But just one point that is frequently neglected is a excellent gaming keyboard. A gaming set up is incomplete without a fantastic gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards enrich the gaming knowledge with features like low latency, RGB backlighting, gaming-precise modes, and more.

best gaming keyboard 2021

But with so a lot of solutions obtainable, from time to time it&#8217s hard to select. Do not fear, we have compiled a listing of gaming keyboards in various types to enable you pick out the ideal a person. Enable us take a specific search at the greatest gaming keyboards beneath.

How to Choose the Very best Gaming Keyboard?

Very first, you require to decide no matter if you are on the lookout for a wired or wi-fi gaming keyboard. At the time you have determined dependent on your gaming requires, the subsequent point you need to do is opt for the sort of keyboard. You have to have to come to a decision irrespective of whether you are looking for a membrane keyboard or a mechanical keyboard.

If you select a mechanical keyboard, you have to have to opt for the correct keyboard switch form. Ultimately, the keyboard must offer you good battery life, low latency, macro keys, and additional.

Membrane vs Mechanical Keyboards

1. Membrane Keyboards

Membrane keyboards are a really preferred and widespread style of keyboard. The keys on a membrane keyboard are covered with a comfortable, skinny rubber-like layer and are typically lighter than their mechanical counterparts. They also function significantly more quietly than mechanical keyboards. However, membrane keyboards also have their pitfalls.

For one particular factor, they can easily get dusty, and cleaning is comparatively far more time-consuming. In addition, the lifespan of membrane keyboards is frequently shorter than that of mechanical keyboards. The only remarkable gain of membrane keyboards is their affordability, as they are comparatively more cost-effective than mechanical keyboards.

2. Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical Keyboards, on the other hand, have spring-loaded personal switches. These offer you superior tactile and clicky comments as opposed to membrane keyboards. The keys are easily detachable and can for that reason be cleaned fairly quickly if dust or filth will get into the keys.

You can also customize the keys on a mechanical keyboard, which is not doable on a membrane keyboard. However, these advantages appear at a price, as they are additional costly than membrane keyboards.

Just before we switch to the very best gaming keyboard list, permit us first acquire a search at the distinct mechanical crucial switches.

Kinds of Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Lots of suppliers now have their customized crucial switches for a mechanical keyboard, but essentially, there are 3 styles of switches.

1. Linear switches

Linear key switches are the most basic style of important swap. These keys ordinarily function like other keys and have very little tactile feedback or sound compared to other switches.

2. Tactile switches

Tactile, as the identify indicates, is developed for avid gamers who like tactile feedback on their keystrokes. When you push the key, you get tactile suggestions that confirms that the keystroke was effectively registered.

3. Clicky switches

These sorts of switches make a clicking sound when you hit the actuation issue. The most important benefit of this kind of buttons is that you do not have to push the button all the way down and can launch it as before long as you get feedback.

Finest Wired Membrane Gaming Keyboards

1. Redragon S101

Redragon S101 keyboard

Redragon is acknowledged for generating some of the very best gaming extras around, and the Redragon S101 is no distinctive in that regard. The S101 is a person of the most inexpensive gaming keyboards on the market place, and it does not compromise on operation. You get a full RGB keyboard with 7 distinctive lights consequences that allow for you to customise the keyboard lights to your liking.

The keyboard options a complete numeric keypad and a gold-plated, corrosion-free of charge USB connector. Furthermore, the organization provides an RGB gaming mouse with a keyboard for the supreme gaming working experience. Given that it is a wired keyboard, latency should not be an situation either. It is marketed in 2 color alternatives &#8211 black and white.

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2. Razer Cynosa V2

Razer Cynosa V2 keyboard

The next keyboard on the list is from the well-liked gaming Computer maker &#8211 Razer. Razer will make a wide variety of gaming accessories for PCs, and the Cynosa V2 is a gaming keyboard from the business. You get a totally RGB-enabled keyboard with separately illuminated keys. It is designed to endure widespread liquid splashes with ease. The keyboard has in excess of 13000 opinions on Amazon with an average ranking of 4.7 stars. Also, you can get this keyboard with a mouse pad so you do not have to purchase it independently.

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3. HyperX Alloy Core

HyperX Alloy Core keyboard

HyperX Alloy Main is a different popular membrane gaming keyboard on this checklist and is also Amazon&#8217s decision. As with the other keyboards on this checklist, you get RGB backlighting with a signature RGB strip on best of the keys. A keyboard lock attribute also locks keyboard inputs without having acquiring to disconnect the keyboard from the Personal computer. This full-measurement keyboard can occur with a gaming mouse, headset, wrist relaxation, or mouse pad.

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Greatest Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

1. HK Gaming GK61

HK Gaming GK61 keyboard

GK61 is a fairly fascinating gaming mechanical keyboard from HK Gaming and is very economical contemplating it is a mechanical keyboard. It is so inexpensive due to the fact it has 61 keys and forgoes a numpad and few other keys. It is likely the just one with the most critical switch alternatives. You fairly considerably get all the vital forms like black, blue, brown, crimson, yellow, and silver.

It has whole RGB backlighting with different lights modes like tunes, rainbow and a couple of a lot more. The keyboard is accessible in 6 coloration choices &#8211 Black, Crimson, White, Lavender, Malibu and Prism Pink. Gk61 is the alternative of Amazon and has more than 13000 evaluations on Amazon with an common score of 4.7 stars.

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2. Corsair K100

Corsair K100 keyboard

With a starting price of $199.99, the Corsair K100 is undoubtedly in the premium class of wired mechanical keyboards. The keyboard features an aluminum frame and an ICUE control wheel. This single wheel on the keyboard allows you to control various aspects such as backlighting, media controls, and more.

Corsair claims that the k100 offers 4x faster throughput than other mechanical keyboards on the market thanks to Corsair Axon Hyper-Processing technology. It also features an integrated wrist rest for a more ergonomic gaming experience. As for the key switches on this keyboard, it uses exclusive Corsair OPX mechanical key switches.

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3. HyperX Alloy Origins

HyperX Alloy Origins keyboard

The Alloy Origin is a mechanical gaming keyboard from HyperX and is a pretty exciting offering. Just like the SteelSeries Apex Pro, HyperX claims that the Alloy Origin offers an aircraft aluminum chassis. The best thing about this keyboard is the detachable USB Type-C cable, which makes routing cables so easy compared to other mechanical gaming keyboards available on the market.

The keyboard is RGB-enabled, and you can easily set 3 profiles on the keyboard. Moreover, you can also set different tilt angles according to your preferences. The HyperX Alloy Origins is available in three separate key switches &#8211 Red, Blue, and Aqua.

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iv. Logitech G PRO

Logitech G PRo Origins keyboard

Logitech also makes gaming keyboards, and the Logitech G Pro is a mechanical gaming keyboard from the brand. The keyboard is equipped with blue click switches that are supposed to provide a better tactile feel and listening experience. Please note that the keyboard does not have a Numpad if that is what you are looking for.

This classy-looking keyboard can be had with a gaming mouse, a blue Yeti microphone, and a few other components. Also, like the HyperX Alloy Origin, it comes with a detachable micro USB cable.

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Best Wireless Membrane Gaming keyboard

1. Redragon K503

Redragon K503 keyboard

The Redragon K503 is very similar to the K1010, but it is a wireless membrane gaming keyboard. The company claims that the Redragon K503 can last up to 30 hours on a single charge with RGB turned on and up to 300 hours with RGB turned off.

It also charges via USB Type-C, which is always a welcome addition. You get six different lighting modes and four levels of backlighting for the ultimate gaming experience. The keyboard is also splash-proof, so a few splashes of water will not harm the keyboard.

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2. KLIM Chroma

KLIM Chroma keyboard

KLIM Chroma is one of the most affordable wireless membrane gaming keyboards money can buy. For the price of $33.97, it offers some exciting features. These include 8ms response time, a fully backlit RGB keyboard with numpad, and more. It would help if you plug the USB dongle into the USB port on your PC and you are good to go. The keyboard has over 8000 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.4 stars.

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CORSAIR K57 keyboard

Corsair K57 is a premium wireless membrane gaming keyboard on this list. With a starting price of $93.99, it is significantly more expensive than its competitors. But why is it as expensive as its competitors? The simple answer is < 1ms response time, which is the lowest among all wireless gaming keyboards. Some latency is to be expected with wireless keyboards, but the Corsair k57 is one of the fastest wireless gaming keyboards around, according to the company. The company tries to combine the best of both worlds with the Corsair K57 - the convenience of a wireless keyboard and the performance of a wired gaming keyboard. Additionally, there is an integrated palm rest for a more comfortable gaming experience. Buy Corsair K57 on |

Best Wireless Mechanical Gaming keyboard

1. Logitech G915

Logitech G915 keyboard

The Logitech G915 is one of the most popular wireless mechanical keyboards on this list. The keyboard features RGB lighting like all the other keyboards on this list, but it looks very classy. Logitech claims that the G915 can last up to 40 hours on a single charge and can be recharged in less than 3 hours.

The company also says that the keyboard is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for durability. So do I have to stop gaming when the keyboard runs out of charge? Do not worry, Logitech has that covered. You can play and charge the keyboard at the same time when it&#8217s connected via USB. Plus, the keyboard offers low latency of just 1ms for fast gaming sessions. It is available in four different key types &#8211 Clicky, Linear, Tactile and Tactile white.

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Are you looking for an inexpensive wireless mechanical keyboard? The RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 looks to be just that. Priced at $49.99, it is slightly cheaper than any other wireless mechanical keyboard on this list. With the built-in 1450mAh battery, the keyboard lasts about 13 hours with the backlight set to maximum.

However, the keyboard only has 60 mechanical keys, which means you have to sacrifice a numpad and few other keys. Furthermore, the keyboard can be paired with three devices simultaneously and quickly switch between them.


3. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

All gaming accessory lists seem incomplete without Razer. The Razer BlackWidow is a popular wireless mechanical gaming keyboard from the company and the choice of Amazon. There are 3 ways to connect the keyboard &#8211 Bluetooth, wireless, and via the Type-C cable.

The Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro is available with two key switches &#8211 green (tactile and clicky) and yellow (linear and quiet). You can also purchase the keyboard with a gaming mouse or wrist rest for an even better gaming experience.

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4. GameSir GK300

GameSir GK300 keyboard

GameSir is pretty good when it comes to making gaming accessories for our PCs. The GameSir GK300 is a budget mechanical keyboard, but it comes with all the modern-day bells and whistles. It features a full RGB backlight array with blue key switches.

Speaking of battery life, GameSir claims that the keyboard can last up to 30 hours with the backlight on medium and 300 hours with the backlight off. You can connect the keyboard to your PC via 2.4Ghz or BlueTooth.

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5. Corsair K63

Corsair K63 keyboard

The next wireless mechanical gaming keyboard on the list is the Corsair K63. Just like the Razer, the keyboard can connect via wireless 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, or the traditional wired route. Unique to the Corsair K63 is the 128-bit AES encryption that Corsair uses to protect your keystrokes and prevent personal data.

The keyboard features cherry red mechanical keys and can run for up to 15 hours on a single charge. Corsair software allows you to control various aspects of the keyboard, such as the backlight and more. The only downside to the keyboard is that it does not support RGB lighting.

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Best Ergonomic Split Keyboard

1. Cloud Nine C989M

Cloud nine keyboard

Would you like to play more ergonomically? Then you should take a look at the Cloud Nine C989M. It&#8217s a split keyboard that provides better ergonomics since you can position the keyboard the way you think is more comfortable and easier to use.

This RGB-enabled keyboard features Mx Brown keys and works over USB. There is also a built-in wrist rest to support your wrists while gaming for a longer duration and better ergonomics.

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Kinesis gaming keyboard

The KINESIS Freestyle is an alternative to the Cloud Nine keyboard. While the Cloud Nine keyboard is only available with MX Brown keys, the Freestyle keyboard is available in Mx Blue, MX Red, MX Brown and MX Silver. This keyboard also connects via USB and features a removable palm rest. Also, the Kinesis can withstand up to 50m clicks, which makes it pretty durable for the price.

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Best Gaming Keyboard (Overall) &#8211 SteelSeries Apex Pro

SteelSeries Apex Pro gaming keyboard

Let us say you are looking for the ultimate gaming keyboard. The SteelSeries Apex Pro seems to be the one for you. The company claims that the Apex Pro is the fastest gaming keyboard in the world and is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, which should make it one of the most durable keyboards on the market.

Do you know what the most outstanding feature of this keyboard is? It features an OLED display on the keyboard! How cool is that? However, keep in mind that it is a very small display that only shows important gaming information. You get all the standard keys and dedicated multimedia control keys.

To avoid wrist pain during long gaming sessions, the keyboard comes with a large wrist rest bundled with the keyboard. You can get this keyboard with red, blue, or brown key switches. There is also an adjustable Omni key switch, which SteelSeries says has an even faster response time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why should I purchase a gaming keyboard over regular keyboards for gaming?

There are several reasons why you should buy a gaming keyboard for gaming. The main reason is low latency, when the latency is important in gaming the gaming experience will not be pleasant if latency is high. Also, many gaming keyboards have RGB lighting, which improves the overall gaming experience.

2.How does a wireless keyboard connect to a PC?

Most wireless keyboards connect via a 2.4 GHz wireless dongle or BlueTooth. Bluetooth-enabled wireless keyboards are better than 2.4 GHz wireless keyboards because of lower latency, lower battery consumption, and higher reliability.

3.Can I use a wireless keyboard on my Smartphone?

Yes, you can actually connect your wireless keyboard to your smartphone. Just turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone, select the keyboard, and you are good to go.

4. Can I turn off RGB lighting on gaming keyboards?

Yes, you can most keyboard manufacturers offer the option to disable RGB on their gaming keyboards.

5. What are Macro Keys on gaming keyboard?

We can assign a custom action to macro keys, which will then be executed for us when we press the macro key again and again.

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