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Bash is a pretty common shell and command language, and it can be employed with the Linux, macOS, and Windows running systems. This language is extensively made use of for process automation and managing repetitive duties with more ease and benefit. The programs that you write in this language are acknowledged as Bash scripts. This dialogue is focused on the unique procedures of managing a Bash script on an Ubuntu 20.04 device.

Running a Bash Script in Ubuntu 20.04

Every time you generate a plan in Bash, you want to execute or run it to get the desired outcomes. On the other hand, ahead of jogging a Bash script, there is a sure protocol that demands to be followed. If that protocol is missing from your Bash script, then you will simply just not be able to execute it. We will learn the relevance of this protocol in the appended segment of our short article.

Demands of Running a Bash Script — The Worth of Shebang

In sharing the diverse approaches of jogging a Bash script in Ubuntu 20.04, we have created a easy Bash script whose identify is that will just print a “Hello Globe!” message on the terminal. This script can be noticed in the graphic demonstrated under:

In this Bash script, we have utilized the “echo” command to print our wanted concept on the terminal. On the other hand, we are anxious with the 1st line of this Bash script, i.e., #!/bin/bash. This line is named Shebang, and it is also identified as a prerequisite for functioning a Bash script. The value of this line can be realized from the fact that when your Bash script is executed, your technique appears to be like for this specific line to distinguish a Bash script from any other file sort.

For that reason, if this line will be lacking from your Bash script, your technique will by no means know that you are hoping to run a Bash script, and regretably, your specified Bash script will never be executed. Hence, whichever Bash script you are making an attempt to build on any operating system, you ought to start out with Shebang.

Different Methods of Functioning a Bash Script

There are 4 distinct procedures of operating a Bash script in Ubuntu 20.04, and we will talk about the subsequent techniques in detail:

Method 01: By Making the File Executable
As the title of this process says, you will very first want to make your Bash script executable which can be finished by functioning the adhering to affixed command:

Alternatively, you can also run the command revealed below to make a Bash script executable:

Working possibly of the commands, as talked about over, will not deliver any output on the terminal. Also, in each of the instructions said above represents the identify of the Bash file that we want to make executable. You can replace it with the title of any of the Bash scripts that you want to operate after making them executable.

Now, when we have made our Bash script executable, we can operate it any time we want just with the assistance of the following affixed command:

An crucial issue to be stated is that producing a Bash script executable is a a single-time approach. Just after executing a Bash script, you can run it as a lot of moments as you want with no building it executable every time. Nonetheless, if you make any adjustments to your Bash script, then you will have to make it executable yet again just before functioning it for your changes to get impact.

The output of our Bash script, i.e., the “Hello Earth!” concept, is demonstrated in the impression down below:

System 2: By Employing the “bash” Key phrase
You can use this process if you would like to bypass the command of generating the Bash script executable, i.e., if you would like to run your Bash script right without having acquiring the need to have to make it executable first. You just have to execute the following affixed command:

Listed here, “bash” signifies the key phrase that does the real magic. This keyword combines the performance of producing a Bash script executable and functioning it. Consequently, as soon as you operate the command described previously mentioned, your Bash script will instantly run. That’s why, exhibiting the output revealed in the impression beneath on your terminal: 

Approach 3: By Utilizing the “sh” Search phrase
All over again, just like Technique # 2, this approach can be utilized if you do not want to make a Bash script executable just before running it. Rather, you want to run it right. To attain this goal, you will have to operate the following affixed command:

Below, the “sh” keyword integrates the features of producing a Bash script executable and managing it. As before long as you operate the command, as stated above, your specified Bash script will be executed, which in our scenario was Therefore, we have been given the information, “Hello Earth!” on our terminal, as shown in the impression beneath:

Approach 4: By Using the GUI of Ubuntu 20.04
As computer people, we all understand that not all of us are fond of the well known command-line interface of Linux-centered systems. There are still some end users who favor to use the practical graphical consumer interface (GUI) exactly where anything looks fairly straightforward and intuitive. They hardly ever get missing while carrying out their preferred tasks on their system. This is precisely why we made a decision to share the GUI-centered approach of working a Bash script on an Ubuntu 20.04 technique.

For this strategy, you to start with need to track down your Bash script file by going to the File Manager of your program. If your program is established to its default settings and you have under no circumstances modified them right before, then you will not have to do something else but double-click on your Bash script file. As quickly as you do that, you will be presented with a dialogue box from which you simply require to click on the Operate in Terminal alternative as highlighted in the next picture:

Proper immediately after carrying out that, your chosen Bash script will right away operate in the terminal, and it will screen the meant output as shown in the image underneath:

However, if your default system configurations are modified, then you can just go to the Choices in your File Manager. Following that, you need to change to the Conduct tab, from which you require to go to the Executable Textual content Data files portion. Ultimately, you will have to pick out the “Ask what to do” solution to move ahead with the process that we have just discussed. After you comply with this course of action, your technique will normally question you what you want to do with your executable data files as soon as you double-click on on them.


This report shared all the strategies to operate a Bash script on an Ubuntu 20.04 technique. With these procedures, you can operate your Bash scripts extremely conveniently. Also, you can choose any of these solutions for running your Bash scripts without having any concerns because all of these procedures will deliver the very same outcomes.

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