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When you switch to Linux from Microsoft Windows, in particular if you are a programmer, there is a chance that you might struggle to duplicate and paste instructions or traces in the Linux Terminal window.

Even when I ported to Ubuntu from Windows a 10 years back, I struggled to duplicate and paste strains in the Linux terminal. At that time, I thought I’m the only consumer having difficulties to duplicate and paste. On the other hand, even though seeking on the World wide web, I realized that it is a world wide issue.

The rationale is a keyboard shortcut and mouse keys to copy and paste traces in the Linux terminal home windows are not the very same as the types we use on Windows.

The vital bindings for copy and paste functions are dependent on the unique terminal emulator you are applying. In Linux, by default CTRL + C critical binding is employed for sending an interrupt signal to the command jogging in foreground. Consequently, the Linux terminals do not use the common CTRL + C and CTRL + V for copy and paste functions.

Utilizing Keyboard Shortcut

On Ubuntu and other Linux distributions, you have to use CTRL + Change + C blend of keys to copy text from a terminal or a textual content editor.

To duplicate a textual content or line of code from the browser, you can use the generic CTRL + C combination or CTRL + Shift + C. Then, to paste this line of code into the terminal, you need to use CTRL + Shift + V keys.

You have to use these essential mixtures in Ubuntu to execute copy and paste functions, specially in the Linux Terminal.

Working with Mouse Right-Click Context Menu

The other way to duplicate and paste in the Linux terminal is to use Mouse ideal important context menu.

To copy the text or line in terminal, decide on the textual content then ideal click and pick out copy. Now, to paste the chosen text, ideal-click and decide on paste from context menu.

Working with Mouse Middle Key

This approach is not so significantly well-liked between Linux end users but even now efficient on some Linux distributions. In this technique, you have to have to choose the textual content you want to duplicate and paste. Then, press the scrolling wheel button, which is the center button on the mouse, to paste the picked textual content.

This is how you can duplicate and paste text in Linux terminal. It is basic nonetheless bewildering for new Linux people, specifically those people switching to Linux from Home windows or Mac. The talked about methods might or may not perform in numerous Linux distributions for the rationale described earlier in this posting.


The copy and paste instructions in the Linux and Ubuntu Terminals are diverse from Microsoft Windows and Mac. There are a few methods to duplicate and paste in the Linux and Ubuntu Terminal. These methods are the use of the unique keyboard shortcuts, the use of the mouse suitable-simply click menu, and the use of the mouse center key. When you apply the approaches furnished, you can correctly copy and paste in the Linux and Ubuntu Terminals. I hope this article aided you effectively use the copy and paste command. To learn additional, verify out the other articles or blog posts on

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