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MySQL is a preferred and quick-to-use Database Management Method that will come packaged with several characteristics and flexibility to fit a vast assortment of use cases. A single this kind of characteristic is the MySQL day info form that is utilised to crank out and keep day values.

In this guide, we will stroll you by the MySQL date facts variety and clearly show you how you can filter from a range of date.


MySQL date is a knowledge kind that stores the date values in the type of YYYY-MM-DD. The day style uses 3 bytes to retail store the day report. MySQL day kind ranges from 1000-01- to 9999-12-21.

MySQL will come packaged with a whole lot of features for building and manipulating date values. However, due to the scope of the tutorial, we will not dive into them. Take into account the documentation to discover extra.

Enable us just take a straightforward example to present how to shop date values in MySQL. Consider the next queries.

We can now select the values from the desk as:

pick * from date_data
| id | timetable  |
|  1 | 20210606 |
|  2 | 20200120 |
|  3 | 20300303 |
3 rows in set (.00 sec)

You can use the MySQL functions to increase much more day values to the table.

How to Filter Day Variety?

Let us now get down to the subject matter at hand: “How to filter within a date assortment?”

MySQL is clever and pretty intuitive. You can use the typical comparison operators to filter for details in a particular day range.

Enable us take the sakila sample databases offered in the resource furnished down below:

In the payment desk, we can filter for payment dates that selection for a specific period of time.

For illustration, to filter for the payments that vary concerning “2005-05-25 11:30:37” and “2005-07-30 19:23:44”, we can use the question under:

The over illustration should return the columns exactly where the values are involving the specified time variety.

Another example is to filter for values up to a precise date. In this case, we can use the a lot less than or equivalent to an operator as:

Choose payment_id, consumer_id, rental_id
FROM payment
Where payment_date  <= ‘2005-05-25 11:30:37’ LIMIT 10

In the above example, the query returns all the values in the range of “2005-05-25 11:30:37” and below.


MySQL allows you to use comparison operators to filter for date ranges as you would for other types such as integers.

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