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A swap assertion evaluates the worth of a variable or an expression versus a established of values. Each individual value in a change statement is known as a situation. When a circumstance is matched with the variable’s value, the code existing in the human body of that case assertion is executed.

When to use a Switch Assertion?

Swap statements are an alternate to if-else statements. Adhering to is the listing of discrepancies and similarities involving the swap and if-else statements:

  • For an, if statement, the affliction can be a variety benefit, whilst a swap statement can only take a one integer, string item, or enumerated value as its situation.
  • If-else statements are terrific for boolean situations, whilst a switch statement functions with set info values.
  • The condition in an if-else assertion can be an equality or any other sensible expression, whereas a change assertion can only work with equalities.

Be aware: We will use the browser console to display examples executed in this put up. To open up up the browser console:

  • Use the F12 essential in Chrome and other chromium-primarily based browsers.
  • Use CTRL + Shift + K keyboard shortcut keys for Mozilla.
  • Use Choice + ⌘ + C keyboard shortcut keys in Safari (if developer menu does not surface, then open Preferences by pressing ⌘ +, and in State-of-the-art tab examine “Show Develop menu in menu bar”).

How to use a change statement?

In this example, we will make a very simple software making use of a swap assertion in JavaScript. But 1st, let us examine the syntax of swap statements in JavaScript.


situation a:
circumstance b:

The swap assertion evaluates the variable or the expression existing amongst the parentheses (). It compares it with each individual scenario existing in the swap statements physique. If the initially case is legitimate, then the statements existing in its entire body are executed. If the next scenario is correct, then the statements present in the second case’s body are executed. The crack and default statements are optional. The statements existing below default are only executed in situation all the situation statements are bogus. The split statement is used to exit the human body of the swap assertion after a circumstance is matched with the expression. If we do not use a break assertion, then the change assertion will consider the expression in opposition to each and every scenario even if a single of the circumstances is legitimate.

var auto = “Toyota Prius”

swap(car or truck)
  circumstance“Toyota Prius”:
console.log(“Automobile Identify: Toyota PriusnGas Economy: 18/21 KM/L”)
scenario“Toyota Vitz”:
    console.log(“Vehicle Name: Toyota VitznGas Financial system: 20/22 KM/L”)
case“Toyota Corolla”:
    console.log(“Vehicle Title: Toyota Corolla(Axio)nGasoline Economic system: 19/22 KM/L”)
    console.log(“This vehicle is not present in our Database.”)


In the case in point provided higher than, 1st, we declared a variable named automobile and assigned it a benefit. Future, we handed the variable motor vehicle as an argument to the swap statement and gave it three circumstances. The switch statement will check the price of the variable auto versus every single scenario right until a match is uncovered. Then it will execute the system of that certain scenario and then terminate the change statement making use of the split statement.

In the illustration previously mentioned, as the price of the variable motor vehicle is ‘Toyota Prius,’ the switch statement only checks against the initially scenario, and the change statement is terminated. But if we modify the price of the variable car in the subsequent way:

var automobile = “Toyota Corolla”

Then the switch assertion will examine versus each circumstance, and the output will be:

If we place the title of any other auto which is not present as a situation in our switch statement, then the human body of the default assertion will execute, and the output will change to:


Change statements are utilized to verify many conditions on a one variable. Change statements are an efficient alternative to if-else statements. If statements can assess nearly all sorts of information though switch statements can only appraise integers or people. You can use them in your code, relying on your model.

In this article, we have realized what switch statements are. In addition, we also acquired about when we should really choose them about other conditional statements.

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