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Objects in JavaScript are info sorts utilized to shop associated data They are a collection of named values or variables employed to retailer several values these values are stored in the type of title:value pairs. Objects have homes and techniques. Techniques are fundamentally functions created as attributes of an item.

The greatest way just one can understand about JavaScript objects is by comparing them with authentic daily life objects. Objects in actual existence have various attributes and can do distinctive responsibilities, e.g., a Bicycle is an item it has attributes like color, model, name, and solutions like start off, break, quit.

Now all the Bicycles have these houses every single Bicycle has a colour, design, and name but the worth of each of these attributes may differ for every single Bicycle. In the same way, all the Bicycles carry out these solutions but at distinctive times.

Variance involving objects and dictionaries:

The information saved in the sort of critical-benefit pairs is identified as an Object or a Dictionary. Objects and dictionaries are related the big difference lies in semantics. In JavaScript, dictionaries are known as objects, whereas, in languages like Python or C#, they are referred to as dictionaries.

How to use Objects in JavaScript?

Now we will create an object named consumer with unique homes utilizing JavaScript as an case in point:

const user = fName:“Mary”, lName:“Jane”, age:23, id:01

The person object specified earlier mentioned has 4 distinct attributes, i.e., fName, lName, age, and id. These qualities have Marry, Jane, 23, and 01 as values, respectively. JavaScript is syntactically a dynamic language, so we can also declare the object in the subsequent way for better readability:

const user =
fName: “Mary” ,
lName: “Jane” ,
    age: 23 ,
    id: 01

Generally, objects are declared employing the const key phrase, and their definitions can consist of several lines.

How to accessibility a residence existing inside an item?

Two distinctive approaches can be utilised to entry and assign homes to an item in JavaScript:

  • By employing the dot “.” operator
  • By working with the square brackets syntax

Adhering to is the syntax utilised in the dot operator technique:


The syntax for square bracket method is presented underneath:


For case in point, if we want to access the home age in our item person, we can do it in two various techniques:

const consumer =
fName: “Mary” ,
lName: “Jane” ,
    age: 23 ,
    id: 01


We can also modify the benefit of the home by applying the object_identify.property_title and the item_name[‘property_name’] syntax:

var person =
fName: “Mary” ,
lName: “Jane” ,
  age: 23 ,
  id: 01

user.age = 24
person[‘age’] = 25

Likewise, strategies can also be accessed in the identical way by utilizing the dot operator.

Now we are likely to incorporate a approach to our person item.

const person =
fName: “Mary” ,
lName: “Jane” ,
    age: 23 ,
    id: 01 ,
const day = newDate()
        Yr = day.getFullYear() this.age
return Calendar year


In the example given over, we have declared a technique within of the object consumer. This strategy subtracts the user’s age from the present-day calendar year to return the user’s start 12 months.

The ‘this’ search phrase in the example refers to the item that owns the age home. This search phrase is applied to obtain the price of a residence in just an object.

Objects in JavaScript can also be declared applying the Item constructor together with the new search term:

const user = newObject()

// Assigning Properties and House Values

person.fName = “Marry”
consumer.lName = “Jane”
consumer.age = 23 = 01


Apart from the primitive data kinds, virtually anything else in JavaScript is an item. The new key word can change primitive data varieties this sort of as Booleans, figures, and strings into objects (not advisable).

JavaScript has some designed-in objects these as Date and Math. We also have the possibility to create our own custom made objects. This guide taught us to build an item and assign it to various qualities, property values, and strategies. We also acquired to entry and manipulate/modify the qualities and techniques present in an item.

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