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JavaScript is a dynamically typed scripting language usually utilized to incorporate interactive and visually captivating elements to a static webpage. JavaScript source code can be executed with out any conversation with the server. Not prolonged back, JavaScript was only recognized as a shopper-side programming language, but now it can even run on the server-facet by applying environments such as Node.js. JavaScript has occur a lengthy way since it initial came on to the scene. Now it is even employed in Recreation and Cellular app enhancement.

On the other hand, TypeScript is an item-oriented programming language that is a syntactical superset of JavaScript and is used for developing large-scale purposes. Any code written in JavaScript can be transformed into TypeScript by altering the file extension from .js to .ts. Unlike JavaScript, the TypeScript code cannot run instantly in a browser It is to start with compiled and converted into a JavaScript file.

Why TypeScript?

JavaScript was at first released as a shopper-facet programming language in 1995 and was identified as Mocha. Later on on, builders also started using it as a server-facet programming language, but its code became additional elaborate and dense as JavaScript grew. JavaScript was also unable to fulfill the position of an item-oriented programming language for the reason that of its intricate code. These downsides prevented JavaScript from succeeding at the business stage. So TypeScript (a superset of JavaScript) was developed to cover these downsides.

Dissimilarities involving JavaScript and TypeScript:

TypeScript JavaScript
A typeScript is an item-oriented programming language. JavaScript is a textual content-based scripting language.
It has Static typing. It has Dynamic typing.
It supports modules and has an interface. It does not help modules and does not have an interface.
TypeScript resource code demands to be compiled. There is no need to compile JavaScript code.
It was Produced at Microsoft by Andres Hejlsberg. It was designed at Netscape Corp. by Brenden Eich.
TypeScript information have .ts or .tsx file extensions. JavaScript documents have .js file extensions.
It is primarily made use of on the client-side. It can be utilized on equally server/back again-close and client-aspect/front-conclude.

Pros and Disadvantages of TypeScript:

Some very well-Recognised pros and disadvantages of Typescript are provided below:


  • TypeScript catches and shows faults at compilation time, whereas in JavaScript, glitches are highlighted at operate time.
  • Typescript supports static typing, which tends to make it less difficult to capture glitches in the code.
  • TypeScript can operate in any atmosphere/browser, system, or working method.
  • TypeScript is appropriate with JavaScript libraries.


  • TypeScript is more durable to study and demands prior scripting knowledge.
  • TypeScript code desires to be transformed into JavaScript prior to managing in a browser so, it can take more time to operate.
  • TypeScript is comparatively new hence has a scaled-down local community.

Professionals and Negatives of JavaScript:

Some nicely-Acknowledged advantages and shortcomings of JavaScript are provided under:


  • JavaScript code can run immediately on a browser.
  • JavaScript can be used for both of those the entrance-close/client and back-close/server-side.
  • JavaScript is much easier to study than Typescript.
  • JavaScript builders have more liberty as its code provides wonderful overall flexibility.
  • JavaScript has a huge community of builders.


  • Problems in JavaScript are highlighted at run time.
  • JavaScript supports dynamic typing, which can cause a lot of runtime problems.


Both TypeScript and JavaScript have their strengths and down sides. TypeScript code wants to be transpiled and translated into JavaScript in advance of functioning on a browser, whilst JavaScript can straight run on a browser. TypeScript truly shines at company and substantial-scale initiatives, whilst JavaScript is more acceptable for compact-scale initiatives. Large enterprises are not able to manage to have operate-time faults.

As stated beforehand, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and is harder to discover, so 1 must only understand TypeScript at the time they have a comprehensive grasp in excess of JavaScript.

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