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Numerous laptop computer and Personal computer customers experience the concern of having a damaged keyboard. Even though it is not a massive issue, we can even now sign up the keypress with out that specific critical. Maybe you are regularly hitting a certain crucial by miscalculation, these kinds of as CTRL or Caps Lock, and now want a distinct critical on your keyboard in a additional suitable area. Also, there could be a vital on your keyboard that you in no way show up to use. Also, there are some other explanations for remapping your keyboard keys in Windows:

There may perhaps be occasions when you wish you could adjust the format of a keyboard in accordance to your preference.

You can also remap your keyboard when you utilize your Home windows keyboard with the Mac operating technique.

If you commonly use your Pc for gaming, you can look at remapping keys that will assistance you perform game titles easily.

If you have a occupation that involves you to use a solitary essential routinely, remapping it to a important that is simply accessible can have a optimistic outcome on your workflow.

In all of these cases, remapping the keyboard keys is a simple remedy. When you strike a key on the keyboard, it transmits a “scan code” to Home windows to know which critical is pressed. To map one vital to a different, scan codes are improved in the system registry. Nevertheless, manually shifting the registry is demanding. Some applications do not operate in the track record, when many others do.

3rd-Party Tools for Remapping Your Keyboard Keys in Home windows

Numerous software are readily available for remapping keys. In this short article, you will understand how to remap your keyboard keys working with two distinctive strategies. So let us start off:

Remap Your Keyboard Keys Employing PowerToys

Microsoft “PowerToys” is a collection of equipment made to support end users optimize and streamline their Windows 10 encounter for elevated efficiency. It is a cost-free plan downloaded on-line. In PowerToys, the “Keyboard Supervisor” is a created-in feature that permits you to remap a person keyboard vital to a further, as perfectly as remap keyboard shortcuts. PowerToys application operates in the background, and it does not require altering the scan code of keys. If you do not have PowerToys put in on your Windows, obtain it for no cost, and follow the installation course of action down below:

At this position, a PowerToys set up wizard will look on the monitor. Click on “Up coming” to carry on:

Click the “Install” button to start the PowerToys installation approach on your Windows:

As soon as you have set up the PowerToys software program, open up it and discover the “Critical Manager” area:

PowerToys provides you the performance to remap keyboard keys and shortcuts. Now, we will clearly show you how to remap keys utilizing this software program. For that, click on on the “Remap a critical” button under the “Remap Keys” portion:

A window will pop up on your screen. Click on on the “[+]” button to remap a essential:

Up coming, assign the key you wish to remap in the “Crucial” column and add the other essential in the “Mapped to” column with the crucial you want to be remapped. For occasion, we chosen “Scroll Lock“:

Then, in the “Mapped To” column, opt for a single or mix of keys according to your preference:

In the “Keyboard Supervisor” configurations, the mapped crucial will be detailed, which signifies that your tailored mapping has been saved, and it is now working:

Remap Your Keyboard Keys Using SharpKeys

The “SharpKeys” is a simple, open-supply software program that forces the Windows registry to remap a one critical to a different. It is ideal for one-to-just one essential remapping for the reason that it publishes this facts specifically to the Home windows registry. As Windows interprets the keystrokes, you do not require to rely on any other plan as a intermediary, and you will encounter the fewest compatibility problems. Start the application after downloading it.

Click on the Downloaded file then you will be welcomed by the SharpKeys Setup Wizard:

Look through for your SharpKeys set up folder. Put in this valuable software package for just about every consumer by deciding on the “Every person” alternative, then simply click the “Subsequent” button:

Wait for handful of minutes as the SharpKeys application is getting set up on your system:

Immediately after you have productively put in the software package, Open it by searching “SharpKeys” in the search box:

The interface of the SharpKeys will seem like this:

Click on the “Add” Button to remap any keyboard key. Following, define the essential you wish to remap in the “Make this important (from_essential)” column and add the favored essential in the “To this vital (To_critical)” column with what you want your keyboard essential to be remapped:

You can also “Sort a essential” for the vital remap assignment. Then, simply click on the “Ok” button:

Congratulations! Your keyboard is properly remapped. Now, restart your procedure to make these adjustments completely:


Even though the standard Home windows keyboard structure has stayed regular over time for very good reason, there may be occasions when you want to change your keyboard layout for gaming or use with macOS. Remapping keys is an exceptional system to personalize your keyboard, no matter whether one of your keys has unexpectedly stopped performing or you merely want to use the a lot less-utilised keys. In this article, you uncovered how to alter your keyboard key on Home windows employing PowerToys and SharpKeys application. We advocate you use PowerToys for the crucial remapping, as it also delivers several other customization possibilities.

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