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For a prolonged time, Ubuntu has been the most accepted Linux operating process in the computer software company. It is obtainable in two flavors: Ubuntu Secure and Ubuntu (LTS), which stands for Extensive Term Help. Ubuntu Kylin, Cloud, Core, Ubuntu Desktop, and Ubuntu Server are all variants of Ubuntu. In this article, you will glance at the differences among Ubuntu Server and its Desktop Editions.

What is Ubuntu Desktop?

Ubuntu Desktop is a freely offered, open up-supply GUI environment. Even with acquiring a Graphical Consumer Interface (GUI), this Linux distribution depends on its command line acknowledged as “terminal.” The the vast majority of instructions that utilized the terminal for its execution can now use GUI. This performance is also seen in the other well-known desktop interfaces these kinds of as Windows and Mac. Having said that, some features are continue to significantly additional available to execute in the terminal than a GUI.

The file program architecture of Ubuntu Desktop is equivalent to the Android OS. Information and directories can be navigated by employing the file supervisor. The default file explorer is basic to use, but if you really don’t like the thought of applying it or want to explore much more, then there are several options for download.

Ubuntu Desktop has a lot more customization selections as when compared to other distributions. You can use the terminal or 3rd-party program for their installation. Ubuntu Desktop has a panel and a toolbar on the remaining side, known as “dash” (dashboard). The dashboard includes a property button, adopted by customization icons of your beloved plans.

Lots of utilities come preinstalled on the Ubuntu Desktop. In addition, plenty of other programs present in the on the web repositories may possibly be downloaded using the Program Heart. Right here is a listing of some preinstalled Ubuntu Desktop utilities: Motion picture Participant, LibreOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox, Gedit, Ubuntu Just one Music Shop, and many others.

What is Ubuntu Server?

The Ubuntu Server delivers a full functioning system to use. It performs with a command-line interface (CLI) relatively than with GUI. Soon after setting up the Ubuntu Server, you will see a blinking cursor when you first swap on your Server. For anyone who worked in desktop-like environments, this can be stunning to see.

The Ubuntu Server has only the nominal requirements for use. If the Ubuntu Server person wants a GUI, then it can be installed. Both Ubuntu Server and Desktop use the very same application repositories. Due to the fact the server functioning program is created to be applied on your own, none of the desktop utilities explained earlier mentioned are preinstalled in the Ubuntu Server.

When setting up Ubuntu Server, you have the possibility of setting up a application offer in accordance to your server variety. Following you have set up your Ubuntu Server, you can put in program by using the command line. The offered program deals are Mail server, Samba File server, DNS server, Print server, LAMP server, Tomcat Java server, OpenSSH server, Digital Equipment host, etc.

Now, let’s speak about the distinction among Ubuntu Server and Desktop variation.

Ubuntu Server vs. Ubuntu Desktop GUI

The desktop environment is the basic difference involving Ubuntu Server and the Ubuntu Desktop. Compared with Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server lacks a graphical person interface.

Due to the fact most servers are headless to interact with the device, these servers do not use exhibit configuration, mouse, or a keyboard. Which is also a reason that servers are usually administered remotely through SSH. Some Linux functioning techniques provide a Graphical Consumer Interface, while many do not. As a end result, Ubuntu Desktop installs a desktop atmosphere, assuming that your equipment has video outputs.

Ubuntu Server vs. Ubuntu Desktop Installation Procedure

As talked over previously, Ubuntu Server does not have a Graphical Consumer Interface which is why it is installed in another way than Ubuntu Desktop. Ubuntu Server has a approach-pushed menu when installing Ubuntu Desktop is related to installing any other software package.

Ubuntu Server vs. Ubuntu Desktop Applications

Ubuntu Desktop has some preinstalled common-function applications this kind of as LibreOffice, an business productiveness suite, Firefox used as a net browser, and several much more.

On the other hand, Ubuntu Server arrives with various packages primarily based on server specifications. Ubuntu Server can hence be utilised as a world wide web server, e-mail server, samba server, and file server. Apache2 and Bind9 are also two distinct packages. Ubuntu Server packages target on giving consumer connectivity whilst maintaining safety, whereas Ubuntu Desktop applications are centered on the host device.

Ubuntu Server vs. Ubuntu Desktop Effectiveness

In Ubuntu Server, there is no have to have to work a desktop environment so that methods can be diverted to server duties. Which is why it has far better system overall performance as in contrast to the Ubuntu Desktop. If you put in Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server on two equivalent devices with the default technical specs, the Server will continuously outperform the Desktop.

Ubuntu Server vs. Ubuntu Desktop technique needs

Now, let’s speak about the program requirements for placing up Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Desktop versions. Ubuntu Server necessitates:

  • 512 MB RAM
  • 2.5 GB hard travel
  • 1 GHz CPU

While Ubuntu Desktop demands:

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 10 GB of tricky generate area
  • 2 GHz one-main processor

Do Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server use a Diverse Kernel?

No. Both of those the Desktop and Server versions of Ubuntu have been making use of the similar kernel due to the fact the 12.04 model was launched. You can put in any deal on either Ubuntu Desktop or Ubuntu Server since they utilize the exact same kernel. This statement declares that whilst the default installations vary, you can nevertheless customise your Ubuntu taste according to your tastes. Since Ubuntu Desktop and Server share the exact main Ubuntu kernel, discrepancies in default set up do not end putting in other software program packages.

Is there any variance between the Ubuntu Desktop and Server Editions in terms of aid?

No! Ubuntu Desktop and Server have shifted to a 5-12 months assist cycle considering the fact that the 12.04 LTS.

Which Should really You Use: Ubuntu Server or the Desktop?

Put in Ubuntu Desktop if you use your pc daily. Multimedia apps are available in distinctive varieties. Also, its GUI and installation method are clear-cut. In addition, you can utilize any Ubuntu Desktop as a Ubuntu Server by environment up the server application.

Pick Ubuntu Server above the Desktop model if you want to work your Server headless. You can normally have the option to put in a GUI afterwards due to the fact these two Ubuntu variants share the very same kernel. In addition, Ubuntu Server is very best for specific styles of servers that involve packages. For occasion, you can opt for Ubuntu Server for generating a internet server or an email server. Choose the alternative that needs the the very least quantity of operate for your venture. If your Ubuntu Server now has the wanted packages, benefit from all those packages, and you will be capable to set up your Ubuntu Desktop natural environment. Or, in an additional circumstance, do you need a GUI but also require server software that isn’t integrated in the standard Server set up? So, set up Ubuntu Desktop and the software program you require.


Ubuntu has introduced many flavors in the software program business, which includes Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Desktop, Cloud, Kylie, etc. These Ubuntu variants ensure that Ubuntu maintains its place and attracts new shoppers. This short article has compiled the distinction concerning Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server based on their general performance, GUI, expected storage, installation process, and preinstalled apps. If you want a trusted server with a command-line interface, go for the “Ubuntu Server.” On the other hand, if you want to avail a desktop surroundings that comprises a good GUI and preinstalled utilities, “Ubuntu Desktop” is an great choice for you!

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