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As individuals migrate from totally GUI-primarily based operating units to Linux or Unix-like systems, they typically have trouble working with the command line. Employing the Terminal is a foreign concept to them, and it is really simple to run into widespread glitches, significantly like the one particular that is our subject these days. So, if you materialize to be 1 of the persons owning trouble utilizing Vim, this post is for you.

Getting begun

Ahead of we get into the technicalities of the make any difference, let’s chalk out some of the key points of discussion that we’ll go over.

What is Vim?

Vi Enhanced, soon identified as Vim, is a widespread textual content editor. Even though it can be employed to edit any variety of textual content for any function, most Linux end users use it to edit personal computer systems. It is all thanks to its hugely configurable and economical mother nature that it is recognised as the ‘programmer’s editor’. Numerous even look at it to be a whole-fledged Integrated Progress Atmosphere (IDE).

The very good information for newbies is that Vim options an intuitive interface and is pretty simple to use. It is a large amount like a Linux different for Notepad in Windows.

What brings about the Vim command mistake?

You could possibly have tried using to execute some duties employing Vim by copying instructions from a site. This is mostly why Linux newcomers run into the pretty common error that says “command “vim” not found”.

Vim is not a default command of Ubuntu, and neither do you have the Vim utility preinstalled on your Linux method. This is why when you enter a Vim command in the Terminal, the procedure fails to recognize the search term. The image underneath reveals what this error seems to be like.

As you can see, the command is not identified for the reason that there is no these detail as Vim set up on your laptop or computer. So, the reason why this error occurs is that you have not set up Vim.

How to solve this error?

We have viewed in the previous part that the Terminal fails to acknowledge the Vim command since the utility has not still been put in on the method. So, we can solve the mistake by simply setting up the textual content editor.

The Terminal also details the person in the ideal course by telling them what commands they need to operate to set up this utility. We will be employing the initially a single. Open up up a new Terminal session by way of the Pursuits menu or pressing Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard. The future move is to install Vim by jogging the command presented below.

The output for this command really should glance one thing like the image down below.

It ought to acquire a handful of moments to put in the text editor, and at the time it is completed, you are excellent to go. Attempt running the Vim command now and see if the issue persists.

As you can see in the screenshot earlier mentioned, when you run the Vim command now, a new editor opens in the Terminal.

Thus, we have properly resolved the Vim command “not found” mistake. Now that we have appeared at how you can get Vim to function, let us discuss how you can use it as a newbie.

How to use Vim?

When commencing off with Vim, it is vital to note that Vim has a few main modes of procedure. There are many others as well, but you probably would not have to have to use these as a newbie. And if you’re not a newbie, you would not be looking through this in the first location.

  • Regular
  • Insert
  • Command Line

The regular (default) manner is used for basic enhancing and viewing textual content paperwork. Insert mode is utilized for modifying and inserting text in the information. At last, the command line manner is intended to preserve your information and exit the software.

At the time you start a new instance of Vim by jogging it by the Terminal, you are presently in Normal mode. You can make positive that you are in Usual mode by urgent the Esc button.

Moreover, you can enter the command line manner by getting into a colon (:) in Vim. Also, coming into “:q!” with out the commas exits out of Vim devoid of preserving any modifications.

You can use Vim to edit code information for case in point, you can open and edit .c or .java data files by way of Vim.

Enter “:help” in the Usual manner to see some directions pertaining to its utilization.

That about concludes this small guidebook on getting begun with Vim. There are lots of sources on the web that go into excellent depth about Vim and how to use it. As this is not the topic of this specific article, we will halt listed here.

Extra information

  • Unveiled by Bram Moolenar in 1991, Vim is 1 of the most well-liked textual content editors between Linux consumers.
  • Vim is mostly a command-line-oriented utility having said that, individuals that favor GUI should really give gVim a consider – the GUI variation of this editor.
  • Vim is extremely customizable and allows the customers choose issues into their individual fingers. This is an significant contributing element toward programmers’ liking in direction of this editor


In this article, we discovered numerous things about Vim. We observed how one could put in it, as a result repairing the “command not found” mistake that several end users run into. Additionally, we also briefly coated how a beginner can get commenced with employing Vim. Lastly, we learned some primary details and more info about this textual content editor. With any luck ,, this has been an instructive and enlightening read through for you.

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