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Discord has distinctive capabilities by which you can quickly do various matters. Nevertheless, there are some options that folks don’t know, and one particular of the attributes is Prosperous Existence. So if you also do not know, “What is Discord Loaded Presence”? Then browse this tutorial solely. In this tutorial, we will clarify every little thing about Discord Rich Existence.

What is Discord Wealthy Presence?

Wealthy Presence is Discord’s new attribute for interfacing the video game with a regionally functioning Discord desktop customer. In very simple words, it will allow you to personalize the “Now Taking part in “section to enable individuals play games with you. It works on most functioning devices (Home windows, macOS, Linux). The Wealthy Presence can make your profile substantially additional appealing and actionable when you perform your match.

It exhibits the Prosperous recreation facts that features rating, period, latest manager or map, and a lot far more. You can spectate a friend’s match from their profile popout. You can also group up via attractive chat embeds with real-time information about the team’s in-recreation status. Abundant Existence is an open invitation for participating in games alongside one another or spectating your friend’s sport. According to Discord’s official webpage, The Prosperous Existence is made for a few points:

  1. Displaying exciting, one of a kind, and actionable data in user’s profile
  2. Permit close friends to spectate every other’s match
  3. Be part of a friend’s in-game get together or server immediately from Discord

How to Use Discord Prosperous Presence

It easy to use wealthy Presence in Discord, and below is the basic approach to permit it:

First, you need to build an software from the Builders website page of Discord.

Following developing an software, established it up to everything you need to have, like App icon, name, etc.

Once you set up everything, then simply click on the Abundant Presence and Art Belongings.

Now scroll down, and you will see the “Add Image” by which you can conveniently include Discord Prosperous Existence.

Remember that your impression have to include the dimensions of 512 X 512 or 1024 X 1024, which implies you can add two pictures, i.e., compact & substantial illustrations or photos.

Now open the Discord Prosperous Presence: Uncomplicated RP GitHub web page and download all files (down load the information per the operating procedure prerequisites).

After downloading the documents, unzip, and you will see three information:

  1. Config.ini
  2. Easyrp.exe
  3. readme.txt

Correct-click on on config.ini and then find Edit with Notepad++. If you really do not see this solution, then open up the Notepad++ and open the config.ini in it.

Now go again to the Software once again and click on on the Common Facts. In this segment, copy the application ID and paste it into the ClientID part of config.ini.

After that, you can provide the Information and Point out traces in the config.ini, and you can set anything in accordance to your prerequisites.

In the pictures portion, offer the identify of the massive and little photographs. In this instance, we put “largeimage” for the better-sized image and “smalliamge” for the lesser-sized impression.

In the Tooltip area, set any identify you want mainly because it will show up when someone hovers around that impression.

Following that, press CTRL and S to preserve the config.ini file and then near it.

Now, you have to double click on the ”easyrp.exe,” and the process will open a new window that has all of the facts saved in the config.ini.

Last but not least, open up the easyrp file, and if you did all the things appropriately, then you will get a little something like this:


We hope that at the time you have understood the objective and usage of Discord Rich Presence. It is a strong instrument for surfacing exceptional and fascinating facts in your Discord person profile. If you liked this tutorial, make sure you visit our formal internet site as we have a enormous list of tips & tips relevant tutorials of Discord.

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