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CDs and DVDs are slowly and gradually turning out to be irrelevant, but they are still efficient details storage equipment. They can retail store information in a large amount for lengthy intervals of time. In this article, we will talk about the mounting approach of CD-ROM on CentOS 8 action-by-stage. The system we will conduct in this post will also work if you want to mount an ISO file on CentOS 8 technique.

Stage 1: Login as a Root Person

In scenario you’re not a root person or do not have Sudo privileges, remember to use the command under to log in as a root user:

You will be questioned to input the root password. In case you are unsuccessful to supply the password, you will not be ready to mount the CD-ROM working with the commands offered in this post considering that this necessitates Sudo privileges.

Step 2: Know the Block Unit Name

Now that you have logged in as a root consumer, you will be ready to use the blkid command to seem at the contents of block units. Block products are storage devices like CD ROMs, Hard Drives, and Floppy Disks.

The output will search something like the screenshot hooked up below:

My CD is not demonstrating below, as I have not inserted it nevertheless.

Now, if I use the blkid command again just after inserting the CD, the output will have an further machine in the record of block devices:

The product in this case in point is named /dev/sr0.

Make sure you be aware the block gadget title you want to mount and its UUID.

Stage 3: Produce a Mount Stage Listing

We need to have to make a new directory that will act as the mount place for your CD/DVD. Thus, generate a new directory employing the mkdir command (any arbitrary directory).

In this instance, we will use /media/mount:

Move 4: Mount CD/DVD Push

Now, we have everything to mount a CD/DVD on our CentOS 8 technique. We will use the mount command to mount the CD/DVD on CentOS 8 Working technique:

# mount /dev/sr0 /media/mount/

Soon after mounting, you will be ready to entry all the documents on your CD/DVD travel.

You can use the ls command followed by the mount position listing of CD/DVD to look at whether the procedure was thriving or not.

You can also mount your CD/DVD drive forever.

Mount CD/DVD Travel Forever

To mount a CD/DVD drive permanently, use the nano command followed by /and so forth/fstab to open up the fstab file in the nano editor.

Fstab is a method configuration file in CentOS 8 positioned in the /and many others directory:

Add the next entry in the fstab file to mount CD/DVD Generate completely:

UUID=2021-04-2816515826 /media/mount/ iso9660 ro,consumer,automobile

Adjust the UUID and mount level in accordance to your have to have. UUID stands for the universally exclusive identifier.

Help save and exit the file applying the keyboard shortcut “CTRL + S” and “CTRL + X” and return to the terminal. Now, you can use the “mount” command to mount your CD/DVD generate forever:

# mount /dev/sr0 /media/mount/

That’s it, Congratulations! You have completely mounted a CD travel.


This report has a comprehensive manual on how to mount a CD/DVD ROM on a CentOS 8 procedure. This strategy specified previously mentioned can be used to set up any block machine on your method.

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