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A container is a file structure that encapsulates all of an application’s code and dependencies in a standardized format to execute competently and reliably throughout many computing environments. Docker is a compact, impartial executable container that has all desired to operate an software, comprising libraries, program equipment, code, and runtime.

A container is an graphic that can be operate. To use the Docker API or CLI, you can make, commence, terminate, transfer, or damage a container. You can hook up storage to a container, attach it to just one or even a lot more networks, or even develop a new graphic centered on its existing state. A container is frequently well divided from those people other containers and its host gadget by convention. You control how separated a container’s network and other elementary subsystems are from other containers and the host device. A Docker Container is a pre-configured container utilized to install a unique software or natural environment on the go. It may be any other functioning-method containers to meet the demands. However, the most attractive attribute of containers is their means to carefully “die” and revive when load balancing involves it. Containers are “affordable” to start, and they’re meant to emerge and vanish immediately. Whether or not a container’s demise is induced by a crash or just mainly because it is no longer demanded because server targeted visitors is minimal, containers are “relatively inexpensive” to get started. Customers can separate programs from the underlying technique employing Docker containers, which are virtualized run-time environments. These containers are compact, transportable parts that permit you to quickly and basically build an application. The uniformity of the computing ecosystem executing inside the container is a important feature. Now we are heading to communicate about the method to get begun into the docker container shell.


To get started out into the docker container shell, make confident you have Ubuntu 20.04 working technique put in and configured. You can use any other functioning method as effectively. The most vital prerequisite is the installation of the docker. As we have now put in docker in our operating process, we can very easily comply with the subsequent process.

Method to get into docker container shell:

To get began, you have to open the command line terminal. For this, you can lookup it in the software spot or use the “Ctrl+Alt+T” shortcut important. Now stick to the cited methods to get into the docker container shell.

Step 1: Checklist Docker Containers

If we desire to obtain an existing container, we need to make guaranteed it’s operating. To execute this, use the docker ps command to verify the status of our containers in our program. Use the pursuing command to get a list of all containers (together with all those that have been stopped).

In the output of this command, you can check out that there is not even a single container that has been started off for the time being.

Step 2: Start Container

To get commenced with a container, let us make a RabbitMQ container as an illustration, as we really don’t have any operational containers. Now we can use the next cited command to operate the RabbitMQ container.

$ docker run –d rabbitmq:3

The execution of this command will just take some time as the download of all offers will start off. So it is encouraged to stay on the similar terminal window and not to give up it. Now we’ll see the container through another docker request at the time it is began.

Step 3: Applying Docker exec

As highlighted in the previously mentioned picture, we have shown the container id that we will use in this stage. You need to now use the exec command to set up bash in the suitable container. Make guaranteed you are working Docker version 1.3 or greater. To purchase shell entry to a Docker container, use the command stated beneath.

 $ Docker exec –t <container id>  sh

The area shall be crammed as per your necessity. You can employ your container id. In the output of the above-executed command, you will get into the docker container shell.


In this tutorial, we have elaborated on the primary strategy of the docker container and how you can get into the docker container shell. I hope now you will have no problem having into the docker container shell.

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