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When it comes to buying your child their very first mobile phone, we are often triggered by the level of responsibilities it brings. Not to mention the fear of exposing your kid to the world of the internet. The same is the case with buying them their first laptop, whether for personal use or education.Many elementary schools consider laptops as an essential tool for educational purposes. They have also equipped their classrooms with the said technology. However, some schools urge parents to get a laptop for kids themselves, giving them a range of options they can consider.

The effectiveness of a laptop improving your child’s learning process is debatable. But the thing is, your kid will need it for schoolwork (and fun). So, what you can do is take a look at the best laptops for kids below. These laptops offer the best spec and software combination for education and entertainment. Plus, they’re very economical.

1. Lenovo Chromebook C330

Lenovo’s Chromebook C332 takes the top spot on our list. It’s a highly functional and educational laptop that your kid will love. With style, functionality, and safety, this laptop truly ticks all the right boxes. It effectively addresses all your kid’s schoolwork needs.

It has an 11.6inch IPS display, MediaTek MT8173C Processor, 64GB storage space with 4GB RAM. The ARM processor is optimized for Google’s playstore apps. Therefore, it runs quite a bit faster than Celeron Chromebooks. Your child will be able to stream videos, create excellent graphics, making both multimedia and schoolwork enjoyable.

Furthermore, it weighs less than 2lbs and measures less than an inch, easier and far more convenient for your kid to grab. We only wish the display was FHD. Make no mistake, though. The 1366×768 resolution still looks plenty sharp on an 11.6 inches screen.

If your kid has to do research-based homework frequently, the Lenovo Chromebook C330 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop will prove to be a good choice. It will allow them to finish all the assignments on time without worrying about a laptop that takes too much time loading up a browser.

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2. Google Pixelbook Go

The Google Pixelbook Go is one of the fastest Chromebooks in the market. If your kid is stepping into teenage years soon, they will definitely love this super fast machine. The black color and rounded edges scream maturity. And, it will help your kids get done with their homework in no time at all.

It comes in three different configurations. The basic M3 configuration (ideal for kids) offers Intel’s 8th gen processor, 8GB RAM, and 64 GB of storage space. You can get a better configuration (up to 16GB RAM and 256GB eMMC) by throwing in more cash.

Moreover, it features a 13.3inch IPS touchscreen display that is quite versatile and can rotate at a 360-degree angle. The lightweight aluminum body weighs around 3lbs, and it measures 10.3mm. Quite sleek for such a powerhouse. You can convert the laptop into a tent orientation, an entertainment device, and a tablet for more efficiency.

That said, Google Pixelbook Go is a beast for school work. It can simultaneously run different energy-consuming apps. Sure, it is not as effective as a gaming laptop because of Chrome OS limitations. Still, Pixelbook Go offers more oomph than any casual Chromebook.

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3. New Microsoft Surface Go 2

Size matters… not! Well, in this particular case, anyway. The New Microsoft Surface Go is the slightly less powerful and portable version of the Surface Pro. And that’s what makes it ideal for use as a Kids laptop.

Like the Google Pixelbook Go, Surface Go 2 brings several different configurations to the market to suit everyone’s needs. We believe Intel Pentium Gold 4425Y with 8GB RAM 128GB Storage is ideal for Kids. If your kid is an average user with just video calling, browsing, and homework, the battery should get them through the day.

The only downside is that the package includes no accessories. All the add-ons are sold separately. Once you start adding other peripherals, such as a Type Cover, the overall price goes up. We were also put off by the fact that is no built-in parental controls.

However, it’s a great laptop, stylish and sleek, excellent for casual use. You can always download third-party applications for parental control and get an external hard drive if needed. The biggest draw of this model is the fact that it’s very economical. At ~$600, you get Microsoft’s staple premium design, build quality, and decent performance.

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4. HP Stream 11.6-inch HD Laptop

The HP Stream 11 is a lightweight and small laptop with long-lasting battery life. With this laptop, your kid will stay productive throughout the day. Study, stream, share. It’s a very versatile machine. But it has no touchscreen, though.

HP has integrated the laptop with an Intel Celeron N4000 processor, 4GM RAM, and 32GB storage. It weighs around 2.6lbs whereas the screen size is 11.6inch which is quite adequate for kids. The laptop is quite portable and is convenient for kids to work on. The small laptop size does indicate that it features a small keyboard which will be ideal for tiny fingers to grasp.

The battery life is up to 9-hours and 20-minutes. It is great for doing schoolwork, doing live sessions on Zoom, streaming YouTube content, and light gaming. It also comes installed with Microsoft Office 365 Personal for 1-year. You can later renew the membership if you deem it appropriate.

The only things where HP Stream HD Laptop lags is the washed-out screen and not-that-quality webcam. However, we don’t suppose kids will have any problem with it during their online zoom classes. The HP Stream 11 isn’t a perfect laptop for adults, but it has a lot to offer for a $200 budget and would prove a good Windows laptop for kids.

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5. ASUS Laptop L210

The ASUS L210 is an excellent budget laptop for kids. And for the price, it’s a steal. It is suitable for essential everyday tasks like writing, streaming videos, drafting emails, and indulging in Zoom calls. What’s more, the build quality and ultra-slim style is something easier for kids to handle and carry around.

The Asus L210 has a decent Intel Celeron N4020 Processor (N4020), 4GB DDR4 RAM, and 64GB eMMC Flash Storage in terms of hardware specifications. An interesting thing about this model is that it has an additional empty slot for SSD NVME M.2. So, you can even upgrade it in the future.

The battery life is on point, as well. Asus says it lasts for a good 10 hours duration. We tested it by watching two back-to-back movies for 4 hours straight. In the end, this laptop still had 17% percent remaining. This is a pretty solid performance. The keypad is also responsive and doesn’t make any sound when typing.

One thing that makes ASUS Laptop L210 Ultra-Thin Laptop remarkable is that it runs both Windows and Linux. You can use dual boot if you want. This feature is often lacking in laptops for kids. It’s also great for keeping a laptop with yourself on the go.

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Buyer’s Guide for The Best Kids Laptop

We hope you have gone through our recommendations mentioned above. But, if you think you still need some more insight regarding the best laptop for kids, we are sure our buyer’s guide will help you out.

When looking for the perfect kids’ laptop, consider things like durable build quality, parental controls, efficient OS, and maybe even a waterproof keyboard – the list just doesn’t end. But there are three major aspects you need to keep in mind.

Operating system

Before you start shopping, the very first question you need to ask yourself is which operating system is suitable. A question that has plagued the minds of shoppers for decades.

This isn’t a yes or no debate between either buying Windows or a MacBook. You’re getting a laptop for your child, so it needs to be budget-friendly, which MacBook truly isn’t. It also needs to be versatile and efficient. So, you’re possibly going to come across 100s of options in Windows.

We would recommend opting for NoteBooks or Chromebooks. They are convertible, user-friendly, affordable, and ideal for school-going children.

School friendly

What turns a regular laptop into a school-friendly machine? Well, it’s the fact that how portable and transformable it is.

Most of the kids’ laptops that we recommended above can be turned into tablets and are extremely lightweight. They are portable which will make it convenient for kids to carry them to school. They can conveniently put them inside their backpacks, and voila, run to their classrooms!


Last but not least, determine how your kid will use the laptop. This will let you have an idea of what RAM, storage, processor you will possibly have to equip them with. Tasks such as making PowerPoint presentations, working on Microsoft office or Spreadsheets, etc., are doable on an Intel Celeron or Pentium processor.

However, if your child’s teacher is asking them to regularly stream videos or work on software for designing and creativity, then you might want to check out an i3 or i5 laptop.


So, this is everything we had on the best laptop for kids. Hopefully, the article gave you all important information and now your next birthday gift for the youngster has been sorted. The whole research process can be a chore, but just keep your kid’s requirements in mind, and you will make the best choice. Thank you for reading. Tata!

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