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Though you are making use of Ubuntu Linux, you may possibly want to view Netflix or YouTube films with your Bluetooth headset. The interaction of several modules this sort of as Bluez, PulseAudio, drivers, Linux kernel, and client purposes make it possible for Bluetooth to operate. Nonetheless, in Ubuntu, you could deal with some troubles in establishing the Bluetooth relationship.

For occasion, you may well expertise some challenges with Bluetooth connectivity soon after suspending the complete system. In this circumstance, you think that restarting the complete program for earning the Bluetooth headset do the job is the proper solution. You also go for the “universal resolution, ” removing the device and pairing it up yet again. Regretably, these answers are not heading to work for you in Ubuntu. Just after significant exploration, we have compiled some answers for restarting Bluetooth in Ubuntu. To resolve this trouble, consider each of these solutions a person at a time.

Technique 1: Restarting Bluetooth Company

To start with of all, restart the Bluetooth by using the below-given command:

$ sudo company Bluetooth restart

Now, load the kernel modules.

Once more, empower the Bluetooth soon after the restart.

$ sudo systemctl allow Bluetooth

Method 2: Applying “Rfkill” to Unblock Bluetooth

In this approach, for starters, we will update and update the entire Ubuntu system.

Enter “y” to permits the packages to be upgraded.

Now, start out the company of Bluetooth.

$ sudo systemctl begin Bluetooth

Check out Bluetooth support standing by writing out the adhering to command in your terminal.

$ sudo systemctl status Bluetooth

Rfkill is a software that several Linux end users use for enabling and disabling wireless gadgets. In this process, we will use rfkill to unblock the Bluetooth of our method.

$ rfkill unblock Bluetooth

Technique 3: Using “Blueman” Bluetooth Administration Utility

There also exists a GTK+ utility for controlling Bluetooth for GNOME, which works by using Bluez D-bus at the backend. This utility is recognised as Blueman. In this solution, we will give it a try out to repair our Ubuntu Bluetooth connectivity issue.

Publish out the under-supplied command for setting up “Blueman” on your program.

$ sudo apt set up Blueman

Enter “y” to allow the course of action to continue on the installation.

Now, increase the following repository.

$ sudo incorporate-apt-repository ppa:blaze/rtbth-dkms

Enter to carry on.

Yet again, update your system offers.

It is time to set up the “rtbth-dkms” utility.

$ sudo apt-get put in rtbth-dkms

Produce out “y” to go on the installation of this Bluetooth administration utility.

Open up the modules file, comment all lines, and last of all, insert “rtbth” in this file.

Now, reboot the program and open up the Blueman manager.

I hope that this would repair your Bluetooth connectivity challenge, and you will be in a position to restart Bluetooth in your Ubuntu technique.


Looking at YouTube videos or Netflix with a Bluetooth headset is assumed to be ideal for any Ubuntu person who wants to shell out his spare time. What if you deal with any connectivity issue concerning the Bluetooth headset and your process? You will glance ahead to restarting your Bluetooth procedure. This is wherever this article arrives to rescue you! We have presented you three unique methods for restarting Bluetooth in your Ubuntu system.

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