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Although utilizing your computer system, you may well come upon many concerns not adequately booting the operating technique is just one of them. There are various alternatives to fix booting complications, some can get simply be fixed, and for some, you need to have to reinstall the complete working program.

Ubuntu may well also greet you will identical complications, and “initramfs” is one of them. It is a booting trouble of Ubuntu and takes place simply because of lousy blocks or undesirable sectors in the memory which do not make it possible for functioning program boot.

Your program includes quite a few significant files, so an error like this can unquestionably be a little bit panicky. No need to worry this create-up focuses on how to fix the “initramfs” problem and boot Ubuntu generally. So let us start off:

How to repair the “initramfs” error in Ubuntu

If your screen shows an “initramfs” error, you are by now in restoration method, which indicates that you can variety commands and perform distinctive functions. The mistake would be like this:

You can variety “exit” to get the element of the error. Notice that you may possibly not get the mistake element just about every time you type “exit.” As talked over over, that “initramfs” error happens when your startup disk gets corrupted. You might have numerous disks hooked up to look at them, use:


The partitions can be seen by the name of /dev/sda, /dev/sdb, or any other. Now to repair the “initramfs” error, we use the “fsck”  utility, also recognised as “file process consistency check,” which checks the filesystem troubles and fixes them. Adhere to the underneath-mentioned syntax:

(initramfs) fsck [partitian name (/dev/sdXX)]

For instance, if my partition is by the title of “/dev/sdb,” then the command would be:

(initramfs) fsck /dev/sdb

Push “Enter,” the command will immediately reduce the terrible sectors from memory. Press “y” upon getting prompt. To avoid prompts, basically use the “-y” selection with the command:

(initramfs) fsck /dev/sdb -y

If you have multiple partitions, you can check out them working with the higher than command the command will not print just about anything if the partition is negative-sector-free of charge. Now the program will consider some time to analyze and repair service the corrupted portion of the memory. The moment it is done, sort:

If a reboot does not do the job, type “exit.” Listed here we go the mistake has been eradicated, and Ubuntu will be booted usually.


The “initramfs” mistake can affright you, but luckily this error has a incredibly simple and easy remedy. This error takes place when your memory got corrupted, in particular the generate that contains the functioning method, and does not let it boot. To fix it, basically use the “file process regularity check” or “fsck” utility. This compose-up comprehensively explains the approach to do away with the “initramfs” mistake to boot Ubuntu ordinarily.

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