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Like most internet slang, the indicating of the phrase “Yeet” is likely not right away apparent. If you read it utilised, even in context, you continue to could not realize what it could indicate. 

Yeet is one particular of those people definition-defying slang phrases, used in multiple strategies and much more as an exclamation than everything else. 

Nonetheless, the phrase does have some qualifications and meaning that most people agree to. Browse on to uncover out what Yeet implies, how it turned common, and how you can use it. 

The Definition of Yeet

Over time, the term yeet has taken on quite a few diverse meanings. Nonetheless, when the term initially began, it was utilised as an exclamation when throwing an object. As one Urban Dictionary consumer defines it, “A term a person may possibly scream when propelling an object through the air at alarming speeds, heights, and etcetera.” 

As yeet attained traction, people started out using it in additional situations. For example, one particular might use yeet as an energized affirmation, extra akin to “yeah!” You can also use it to convey contentment for a little something. There are no established procedures for using the term, but these are the meanings most people today have arrive to affiliate with the term. 

Yeet finally turned so popular that it expanded to various types of speech and is now utilised as a suitable verb. For case in point, a person might say that they just “yeeted that soda can.” 

Wherever Did Yeet Appear From?

The term has been around for some time. In 2008, City Dictionary outlined the term as a “term made use of to specific excitement specially applied in basketball when another person has shot a three-pointer that they are positive will go in the hoop.” 

It is probable the term experienced seen usage right before this time, but it was just not as well-known as it is these days. 

The slang word obtained common use in 2014, when the “yeet dance” was produced, with the 1st occasion of it being uploaded on YouTube. 

Before long immediately after, on the then-popular social media app Vine, a video clip was posted by a kid named “Lil Meatball,” executing the Yeet dance. The video went viral, and the phrase yeet seeped into the vocabulary of multitudes of younger people. 

You can locate quite a few other Vines given that that 1 (not on the first app, even though, as it has since been shut down) of other people working with the phrase yeet. A single early online video on Vine established up the modern-day definition of the term, exhibiting a woman currently being handed an vacant can, who then screamed “yeet” as she introduced it down a hallway in excess of the heads of her classmates. 

As a person YouTube commenter noted of the video, “Imagine currently being handed an empty can of drink, then altering the lexicon of an full era.” 

The word then started out to be applied in internet discussions and memes circulated on social media outside of Vine. From there, the term took on a life of its have and started currently being employed in all cases. 

The serious confusion arrived about when customers of the word made several varieties and tenses of yeet, like “yeeted” mentioned earlier mentioned. Nevertheless, it would also be made use of in the current tense as “yeeting,” and some even changed the earlier-tense of the term to “yote” in some situations. There is some debate as to which previous-tense sort should really be utilized for yeet. 

So, how can you use the word yeet for by yourself accurately?

How to Use Yeet

As previously mentioned, the most widespread use of “yeet” is as an exclamation when you are throwing an object. Having said that, the phrase is not confined to currently being associated with objects, as you could also say, “I’m heading to yeet myself into the pool,” or “I just yeeted my cat throughout the room” (not suggested.) 

Then, you can also use the term in the put of “yes,” specially in a condition of pleasure. For case in point: 

“Would you like to go see that new film tonight?”


You can use the term in relation to other things or folks if you see some thing that was yeeted, or a person now yeeting one thing. “He just bought yeeted” or “they are yeeting that football” are both of those satisfactory employs of the term. 

There is not an correct common use of the word, as it has not been additional to any dependable dictionaries. So, you are free to use yeet as you see healthy. It is just not recommended you use it in any official environment the place you almost certainly should not use slang words and phrases to start with to get your level across. That implies not applying yeet in organization conferences (unless of course, maybe for some purpose, something gets thrown across the room.) 

The reality is that every single generation’s language is constantly changing and at a breakneck pace these times with the internet close to. So really don’t hope the term yeet to stick all-around for too long. 

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