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At any supplied point, there are hundreds of procedures running in a system, most of which are established by the Linux working method and some made by the logged-in consumer. Every functioning course of action has a priority assigned to it that determines how quickly it is executed by the method. Greater precedence procedures are usually carried out previously than minimal priority kinds.

In Linux, the good & renice instructions are used to modify the priority of a approach, which, in result, determines the urgency with which it is executed in the method.

The good command configures the precedence of a Linux approach prior to it is started out. The moment begun, you are unable to transform the priority utilizing the nice command. This is wherever the renice command comes in. The renice command sets the priority of an previously managing method.

In this guidebook, we explore the Linux pleasant and renice instructions and how they can be utilized to established priorities of procedures.

Precedence Values in Linux

In Linux devices, there are a whole of 140 priorities with a nice worth that ranges from -20 to +19 where +19 signifies the most affordable priority and -20 the maximum priority. As you have famous, this is an inverse proportionality romantic relationship involving the great price and the priority price.

By default, any Linux procedure established by a person has a good benefit of .

How to Check the Great Value of Jogging Processes?

There are a few of methods of examining the nice value of running processes. You can use the ps command with the -l possibility, as follows:

The niceness worth is denoted by the NI column header. The PRI column header denotes the true priority of the process.

On top of that, you can invoke the major command to look at the good value of procedures.

The default niceness worth for processes commenced by a regular user is . In actuality, you can effortlessly confirm the wonderful worth for your terminal or shell by executing nice command without any arguments.

How Set the Great Benefit of a Approach?

The syntax of making use of the great command is as follows:

$ great -wonderful_value command-arguments

For example, to set a awesome worth of 5 to a command, operate the command down below.

In this article, we are downloading the WordPress installation file utilizing wget command with a awesome benefit set to 5.

$ awesome -5 wget

To established a negative value to a command, use a double hyphen, as demonstrated. Be encouraged that you ought to operate the command as root or sudo consumer as you execute this.

$ sudo wonderful –5 wget

How to Alter the Wonderful Price Working with Renice?

As previously pointed out, the renice command alterations the precedence of a method that is already managing in the Linux procedure. To do so, use the syntax:

$ sudo renice -n wonderful_value  -p pid_of_the_method

Suppose you desire to alter the awesome worth of the gnome-terminal approach. 1st, let us examine the wonderful benefit, as demonstrated under:

$ ps -el | grep gnome-terminal

From the output, the great worth is . We are heading to established it to 5, as proven underneath. Take note 8721 is the PID of the gnome-terminal system

$ sudo renice -n 5  -p 8721

To set the precedence of all procedures belonging to a specific group, for illustration, gross sales, use the -g flag, as revealed down below:

$ sudo renice -n 5 -g profits

To modify the precedence of all processes owned by a person, for illustration, winnie, use of the -u flag.

$ sudo renice -n 5 -u winnie


The good and renice command makes it possible for people to improve the priority of the processes in a Linux method. Notice that the adjust in priority is short term and is supposed for that distinct execution only.

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