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Why do we require Java on our desktops? There are tons of purposes produced working with the java setting, so we need to put in java on our pcs to make the java-based software operate with no issues.

In numerous cases, you may have to have to take out java from your computer system, these as setting up the most up-to-date variation of java or freeing up place from your equipment. Installing Java on Ubuntu is fairly uncomplicated, but uninstalling it is a hard nut to crack for several individuals. In this information, we will study how quite a few variations of java are there, what distinguishes them, and how to erase them from your computer system fully.

How to test the sort of Java on Linux (Ubuntu):

Prior to erasing java from your product, the very first verify is to recognize what type of java you have on your Laptop. If you have set up java just to run the java apps, it would most most likely “Java Runtime Surroundings (JRE).” Or, if you have installed java for progress objective, then you may well have 1 of the subsequent:

The difference concerning “Open JDK” and “Oracle Java” is that the former is open up-source, whilst the latter is license-based mostly. Oracle Java is considerably improved when it arrives to effectiveness and stability.

How to detect the Java model on Linux (Ubuntu):

In advance of uninstalling java from your Laptop, it is necessary to know which model of java you have bought. To check it launch terminal by urgent “ctrl+alt+t” and form the under-mentioned command:

The over command will also reveal no matter whether the edition of java is “Open JDK” or “Oracle JDK.”

Regular output if the version is “OpenJDK”:

Normal output if the model is “Oracle Java”:

If you do not have any variation of java on your equipment, the typical output will exhibit it and offer some instructions to put in it.

How to switch versions of Java on Linux (Ubuntu):

Curiously, you can have far more than a person versions of java on your product, and you can test and change any of them by using the command outlined below:

$sudo update-alternatives –config java

The over command is displaying the distinct variations of java I have on my Laptop. To switch, simply form the number and press “Enter.”

How to examine the set up approach of Java on Linux (Ubuntu):

In some scenarios, it is very important to establish the technique of set up of java. To test it, use the command:

For oracle java use:

$dpkg -l | grep oracle-java

The over output will point out irrespective of whether the offer is set up from an official repository or a 3rd-social gathering repository. The above screenshots are demonstrating that “Oracle Java” is mounted utilizing the 3rd-get together repository “Linux pricing,” while “OpenJDK” is put in working with the formal Ubuntu repository.

How to uninstall Java from Linux (Ubuntu):

In the above discussion, we discovered that there are various variations of java you can have all of them on your Laptop at a time and conveniently swap them. A variety of techniques can be used to delete java from ubuntu. To completely erase “OpenJDK,” use:

$sudo apt purge openjdk-11*


$sudo apt take away –autoremove openjdk-11*

And to get rid of oracle java use:

$sudo apt purge oracle-java16-*


$sudo apt get rid of –autoremove oracle-java16-*

Which is it. Now you can confirm it utilizing the command:


Java is one of your Personal computer wants considering the fact that numerous purposes are developed and printed using a java ecosystem. Installing java on ubuntu is a easy procedure, but it is no much less than a hassle for numerous uninstalling given that there are a number of variations of java. In this tutorial, we learned how to identify which model you have on your Laptop and completely uninstall it.

The increase of Python and safety problems has strike the level of popularity of Java. Nonetheless nevertheless, java is the 3rd most popular language amongst builders, but for how extended no one appreciates, the worries relevant to its safety are however there.

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