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The Linux significantly less command is a command-line software that shows a file line by line or 1 page at a time. It is significantly valuable when viewing huge information that would normally be cumbersome to perspective using a traditional textual content editor these as vim or nano. Considerably less command is a little bit like much more command and makes it possible for you to diligently scroll by way of the file line by line or portion by area.

In this short guidebook, we feature the Linux a lot less command together with some command illustrations.

The less command requires the following syntax.

Much less command without having any command solutions

The Linux considerably less command can be executed in its standard variety devoid of any flags or solutions, follows by the file title. Suppose you want to watch the contents of the /etc/apache2/apache2.conf configuration file.

You will operate the next command:

$ fewer /and so on/apache2/apache2.conf

You can scroll a single line at a time by urgent the ENTER button and Space button to scroll 1 website page at a time.

To return again to the terminal, simply just press the ‘Q’ critical on the keyboard

Display screen strains numbers with the considerably less command

The Linux fewer command, jointly with the -N flag, prints the line figures. For instance, to see line numbers in the /and so forth/apache2/apache2.conf configuration file execute:

$ less -N  /etcetera/apache2/apache2.conf

Leave written content on the terminal right after exiting

Typically, when you exit from viewing a file utilizing significantly less command. The output disappears. Even so, if you wish to leave the articles on the terminal even after exiting, use the -X choice as proven.

$ a lot less -X  /and so on/apache2/apache2.conf

From the output revealed below, you can see the output is remaining on the terminal.

Research for a string with a lot less command

You can search for a string in the output by only pressing the ahead-slash crucial and typing the lookup search phrase.

For illustration, to lookup for the string apache in the output displayed, execute:

To research backward, use the query mark symbol in spot of the forward slash.

As noticed, the string is highlighted on the display screen.

Redirect output to fewer command utilizing a pipe

Output from other commands can be piped to fewer command to make it a lot easier to scroll alongside every line at a time. A fantastic case in point is piping the cat command to a lot less command, as shown.

$ cat /and many others/apache2/apache2.conf | significantly less

This is just the equivalent of using the fewer command, as demonstrated in the incredibly to start with example.

$ significantly less /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

Navigating around the output

Fewer command provides the next keyboard shortcuts to assist you go all-around.

To go forward one-line: Push ENTER critical, e or j

To transfer backward one particular line: Press y, arrow up or k

To shift one particular window forward: Push Place or z

To go one window backward: Push b

To stop : Press Q

For much more command possibilities, operate the command under.


That was an overview of the a lot less command and its utilization. Some great follow will arrive in helpful to get relaxed with the command.

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