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Most men and women feel of Minecraft as the block video game that can operate on a toaster, but with the right established of mods the game can search superior than many AAA-titles on the most recent consoles. Of system, these Minecraft texture packs require a beefy CPU with power to spare, but trust us: it is well worth it.

The critical is getting the appropriate texture packs. There are dozens to decide on from, some of which do the job collectively and some that never. It is not all about generating it glimpse much more fashionable, though. Some texture packs give Minecraft a distinct come to feel to revolutionize your game.

The Greatest Minecraft Texture Packs

If you are worn out of the exact same old appear and come to feel of Minecraft, test one of these packs for your self.

Wind Waker Texture Pack

When The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker first launched, it caught a lot of flack for its cartoony visual appeal. Around time, even though, it’s turn out to be one particular of the most beloved entries in the total franchise. It also has a considerably identical look to standard Minecraft.

Even though most of the match will look fairly close to the base variation of Minecraft, the enemies will have extra stylized appears to be though a great deal of the terrain will be considerably more vibrant and vivid. There are also quite a few textures that alter the glimpse of the shield and the sword, simply because what would a Wind Waker texture pack be without the need of the Grasp Sword?


The Sapixcraft Minecraft texture pack variations the usual seem of Minecraft from very low-res, pretty much gritty textures to a dazzling and colourful palette with a significantly increased resolution. You can select resolutions as higher as 512x the normal display screen, which gives the activity a quite clear seem.

In addition, Sapixcraft presents numerous other texture packs for special situations. You can even get holiday-themed packs if you want to adjust your match up temporarily for the time.


The best texture packs for Minecraft are all those that construct on the game’s aged-school glance. The RetroNES pack is no distinctive and presents it a glimpse that was pulled straight from an old Nintendo Ability journal. You could find the identical glimpse in outdated NES video games.

If you want to give Minecraft an 8-little bit experience, this is the fantastic pack. Even the enemies acquire on a diverse appear, but fair warning: it can be a minimal tricky on the eyes. The odd resolution helps make it glance like 2D sprites have been pulled into a 3D environment.


If you’re seeking for a reasonable texture pack, Amberstone is one particular of the best. It has much more than 700 distinctive styles that make Minecraft glance on par with many of the leading AAA games on the market. The only downside is that Amberstone will place your equipment to the exam, so if you do not have a superior-finish Computer system it can be tough to operate.

The trees, developing texture, and even the sky search almost photograph-reasonable. Inside of the pack are personalized builds that recreate renowned true-world spots that are worth checking out. For case in point, there is a Moscow globe that aims to recreate the city.


Quite a few persons have in comparison Minecraft to what a modern-day-day Lego match may appear like (if they weren’t all certified titles, anyway.) This texture pack makes that concept a reality and gives the total sport an look like it experienced been crafted out of Lego.

It doesn’t change the gameplay of Minecraft at all, but if you grew up enjoying with Lego and want to recreate that same feeling of enjoyable, LegoPak is certainly really worth examining out. One thing to observe is that LegoPak was built for prior versions of Minecraft and could not have whole textures for more modern variations.


Equanimity strikes a harmony involving real looking graphics and Computer system specifications. It is only a 32×32 texture pack, but it has some of the most lovely h2o textures of any Minecraft texture pack available. Vegetation and the sky also glance wonderful.

The greatest portion about Equanimity is that it runs on just about any equipment. The creator designed it so that it would not desire substantially in the way of methods. If you want to mod Minecraft but your Computer system isn’t that strong, Equanimity is an uncomplicated way to make it appear fantastic with out impacting general performance.

MS Painted

Everybody has found the photographs of fantastic operates of artwork recreated in MS Paint. They all have just one point in popular: they are just downright unsightly, but they keep a sure volume of charm. MS Painted is a Minecraft texture pack that will make Minecraft glimpse as even though it experienced been rendered in MS Paint.

The most hilarious component of the pack are the faces. Villagers appear also a lot like Squidward for it to be coincidence, and all of the animals have a facial expression that lands someplace involving horrified and disturbed.


AlluringBliss is a loosely-Medieval themed texture pack for Minecraft that incorporates aspects of various distinct packs. When not hyper-sensible, it improvements the resolution on quite a few of the textures to give the recreation a a lot cleaner look.

One particular of the significant variations AlluringBliss provides is the lighting. It presents it a a lot hotter, much more mellow seem that is great for use with torches. It is especially a fantastic Minecraft texture pack for setting up castles.

What Is Optifine?

Optifine is a Minecraft texture optimization mod. When it can improve the look of Minecraft on its possess, lots of of these texture packs and other mods depend on Optifine in buy to run the packs without the need of stuttering.

In many conditions, Optifine can double the frames for every 2nd you obtain, even with intensive mods put in on your process. It supplies guidance for personalized textures, lighting, palettes, and extra. If you obtain a texture pack that calls for Optifine, you can locate it on the Optfine website.

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