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The World wide web Protocol (IP) address is an identifier concerning the World wide web and community. It is the assigned exclusive range to every single gadget and lets them to converse with other networks. Your network can be accessed working with the IP handle.

The IP tackle has even further two versions:

The nominated variation among the these two variations is, IPv4 handle has four (4) hexadecimal numbers and is separated by a entire cease (.) like 192.16.18., whilst the IPv6 is composed of 6 hexadecimal quantities separated by a colon (:) this kind of as fe80::1615:5699:d8dd:ff04.

If we chat about the classifications of IP tackle, these are categorized into two elements:

Most of the people want to use dynamic IP addresses, but often, we have to have to change them into static. As we all know, when the device is specified to a Static IP tackle, the deal with stays the exact all the time. However, in Dynamic IP, the handle variations more than time when connecting with the server.

To assign a device as a static IP address, stick to this manual till the finish. We have a number of ways to set up a static IP address to a system, but we will go with the most basic two ways:

  • Configure Static IP Handle by way of GUI
  • Configure Static IP Tackle via Terminal

Let us start off with these two ways!

How to Setup Static IP Deal with on Ubuntu 20.04 by way of GUI?

To set Static IP address as a result of Graphical Consumer Interface (GUI), navigate the cursor towards the top proper bottom of the Ubuntu desktop and pick the “Wired Options” from the “Wired Connected” dropdown menu:

The “Community” interface will appear on the display. Click on on the “gear box” icon in the “Wired” area:

You will get the “Wired” interface window obtaining all the details about the device network, as demonstrated in the beneath image.

(So, the recent IP address is

Select the “IPv4” tab to configure the IP handle:

In the IPv4 window, there are several choices to established process, by default it chosen as the “Automated (DHCP)”. Established it to “Manual” to configure it manually:

The following move is to fill out the desired Static IP deal with, Netmask, and Gateway in the “Addresses” area and click to the “Apply” button:

If you want to assign far more than one DNS tackle, then disable the “Automatic” toggle to configure it manually and shift in direction of the “DNS” industry and include many entries:

As soon as the options are done, restart the network connection to use the improvements by clicking on the toggle to start with, to disable it, and then empower, to hook up it yet again:

Click in the gear icon to verify the new static IP address you applied:

The options have been modified properly.

How to Set up Static IP Handle on Ubuntu 20.04 via Command-line?

Another way to configure the Static IP deal with is applying the command line. Although there are several commands for this purpose as properly, next this guidebook will give you the exceptional and easiest process by means of the “nmtui” command.

Kind the “nmtui” command in the terminal to screen the “Community Supervisor” interface:

In the supplied interface, navigate the cursor to the “Edit a relationship” and enter it:

Subsequent window will arrive up with the “Wire Link 1” selection. Select the “Edit” from its sub-menu:

The moment you clicked, a window will appear to display screen the community aspects of the system, which include the IP deal with, DNS server, and Gateway:

To configure the IP deal with manually, go the pointer in the direction of the “Addresses” textual content box and enter the new Static IP deal with:

To restart the community, arrive back again to the key window and find the “Activate a connection” choice:

In the “Wired Link 1” options, deactivate it the moment and then reactivate it to make a connection again:

It will be transformed properly. To confirm it, go to the Network configurations window and check if the new Static IP deal with has been up to date:

You can also look at it by means of the mentioned command:


In this guidebook, we have checked how to configure the Static IP address. We have observed two most straightforward techniques from the several options. Just one is making use of GUI and an additional one is by way of the “nmtui” command.

Lots of customers carry on to perform with dynamic IP addresses as the tackle improvements with the time when the new connection with the server has been manufactured. But most of the time, we have to have to change it with a Static IP handle and does not allow for the IP handle to change.

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