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Git user performs with 3 kinds of data files in the git repository. These are tracked files, untracked documents, and ignore files. The documents which have been added and dedicated in the repository are termed tracked data files. The other documents of the repository that are not overlooked data files are called untracked data files. Suppose the untracked files are not required for the repository. In that circumstance, it is much better to get rid of the unwanted untracked file and make the working directory clean. `git clear` command is applied to take away the untracked file from the current performing listing. Soon after executing this command, the taken off file cannot be recovered. So, it is superior to preserve the backup of the repository in advance of executing `git clean` to prevent the accidental deletion of the vital documents. The ways to eliminate the untracked data files from the repository utilizing the `git clean` command as shown in this tutorial.

`git clean` command possibilities:

Option Goal
-d When the route is not defined with the `git clean` system, then the untracked directories will not be removed. The -d selection is utilized to take out the untracked directories of the repository also. But if the route is defined with the command, then all the untracked data files of the described path will be removed, and no require to use the -d solution.
-f, –force If the worth of the clean up.requireForce is set to Genuine in the git configuration options, then the `git clean` command will delete the data files or directories forcefully with the -f possibility.
-i, –interactive It is utilised to show several choices for the buyers to delete the untracked information.
-n, –dry-run It is employed to display screen the buyers which information will be removed but do not clear away any file.
-q, –quiet It is made use of to report mistakes.
-e , –exclude= It is employed to disregard files by excluding patterns, and the regular ignores rules described in the .gitignore file.
-x It is utilized to disregard the information by the sample offered with -e alternatives from the command line.
-X It is applied to clear away the information ignored by Git only.

Get rid of Untracked Data files:

You can generate a new regional repository or any existing repository to check the commands applied in this portion of this tutorial. I have used an existing local repository named PHP and opened the repository folder from the terminal. Run the following command to verify the latest position of the repository.

The following output displays that four untracked data files are not extra to the repository.

Run the adhering to ` git clear -d -n` command to look at which data files will be deleted just after executing the command. The use of -d and -n alternatives has been stated right before.

The adhering to output displays that 5 untracked files will be removed when the `git clean` command is executed with the possibility to eliminate the untracked documents forcefully.

Run the pursuing command to take out one or additional untracked information by working with interactive selections. Six choices will be appeared for the consumers immediately after executing the command. The initially selection is used to take out all untracked data files from the existing listing. The second solution is utilized to take away just one or additional untracked data files primarily based on the pattern. The 3rd alternative is used to take out one particular or more untracked files based mostly on the file number. The fourth possibility is utilized to get rid of untracked information by inquiring authorization from the user. The fifth selection is utilized to stop from the command without the need of deleting any file. The sixth option is made use of to get info about the `git clean` command in interactive manner.

The next output exhibits that selection 5 is chosen to terminate from the command.

Operate the over command once again to check out the use of the fourth selection. The consumer can type 4 or a to find this solution. The subsequent output exhibits that ‘y’ is pressed for the echo3.php file only, and this file has been taken off only. Next, the `git status` command demonstrates the checklist of untracked information following delete.

Run the over command again to look at the use of the 3rd option. The consumer can kind 3 or s to pick this solution. The subsequent output demonstrates that file range 2 is selected to take out the echo2.php file. To delete various files, the file figures have to set as a range this sort of as 1-3. Upcoming, the `git status` command demonstrates the checklist of untracked files right after delete.

Operate the previously mentioned command again to verify the use of the 2nd alternative. The person can kind 2 or f to pick out this option. The adhering to output exhibits that ‘*.html’ is typed as the pattern to delete all data files without having the extension ‘.html’ and echo1.php file has taken out listed here. Subsequent, the `git status` command shows the record of untracked information immediately after delete.

Make a folder named temp in the latest repository and run the pursuing instructions to check the existing status of the repository, get rid of the temp folder by defining the folder path with the `git clean` command and examine the standing once more immediately after delete.

$ git status
$ git thoroughly clean -d -n temp
$ git standing

The following output shows that the temp folder has been deleted from the existing repository.

Future, run the adhering to commands to look at the current status of the repository ahead of and following deleting all untracked documents from the current repository forcefully with the -f selection.

$ git standing
$ git clean -d -f
$ git standing

The subsequent output displays that all untracked data files have been taken out from the present-day repository, and the doing the job directory is clean up now.


The makes use of of the `git clean` command in unique methods to eliminate untracked data files from the git repository have been proven in this tutorial by working with a demo repository. The untracked documents have been eliminated by applying the interactive option and pressure option right here. I hope the reader will delete the untracked file from the regional repository right after looking at this tutorial.

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