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Tetris – a strategic tile-matching online video activity, has caught great traction in the gaming sector about the decades. The game located its way on different platforms ranging from DOS and Gameboy to contemporary gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

The sport was launched all through the turbulent periods nearing the close of the Cold War period by Alexey Pajitnov, an enthusiastic Russian program engineer. The sport is so addictive that psychologists studying its addictive mother nature could not get more than enough of it as it started off interfering with their function hours.

People from each age team locate by themselves beguiled by the genius of the game and the enjoyment connected with it, so it’s no major shock that the activity is very well sought-soon after even just after extra than thirty-five a long time since its inception. This is apparent from the fact that the match has sold extra than 170 million units to day.

But what actually is Tetris, and how has it garnered an audience of these types of a colossal magnitude? Let us find out!

How to participate in Tetris?

The video game procedures are uncomplicated: you arrange the incoming blocks in an optimized way these that greatest pairs of the identical coloration are shaped, and the blocks are aligned this sort of that there is no vacant room still left. When the areas are lined in a row or column, the respective row or column that was loaded up disappears, giving way to extra blocks, thus prolonging the activity and earning a score. When the blocks attain the major of the display in any row, the activity is over.

The activity needs fast finger reorienting, pressure management, and vital planning. You are misplaced in the flow of the match as it throws block following block at you – forcing you to think hard and rapid to accommodate the blocks in the most effective doable way in buy to not succumb to a loss. As you dismantle whole rows and columns, the dopamine hits and allures you to go on further more and force oneself further than your boundaries defeat that significant score your siblings or friends have established.

That delivers us to our principal aim here. But how can a single access the match on Linux programs or, a lot more exclusively, on Ubuntu? Fret not, as we have devoted this comprehensive manual to clearly show our viewers how they can install and play Tetris on Ubuntu.

Installing Tetris

The recreation can be put in on Linux in a number of ways. We have offered quite a few appropriate ways and variations of the activity right here, so you can go with the a person that matches your desires the most effective.

Utilizing shell scripts

Allow us start off with the simplest and most basic way to get Tetris up and working on your Ubuntu technique. This method installs Tetris on the command line. Abide by the instructions provided beneath to progress.

Push Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard to open up a new window of Terminal. Initially, we improve the current listing to Downloads by working the pursuing command.

Now that you are in the Downloads folder operate the command down below to install the major Tetris bundle.

Lastly, initialize the match to start out participating in.

Owning completed the installation method, you are now completely ready to get pleasure from Tetris via your Ubuntu Terminal.

The aforementioned strategy of installing Tetris is a smooth just one and should to give you no trouble, but if you take place to be looking for a different way to do it, comply with the following section the place we set up Tetris, or a lot more correctly, Tint.

Using the sudo command:

Alternatively, we may well also use sudo apt to put in Tint – a Tetris clone. Before we carry on any further more, it is value mentioning that even though Tint does a really respectable job of emulating the first sport, there are some noteworthy dissimilarities. For example, you do not get a preview of the block that is going to fall upcoming.

Enable us just take the standard precautionary evaluate of checking for procedure updates in advance of continuing with the installation system.

Getting accomplished that, we are now best outfitted to set up Tint, and pleasantly sufficient, it requires only a single command to do so!

Run the activity by typing in the next command in the Terminal.

You will now be asked which degree of problem you would like to perform on. You will also be prompted to enter a amount between -9 – the greater the number, the tougher the game.

As you can see, the recreation demonstrates in depth data aside from the participating in region. This consists of your stage, stats, and controls. When the match is in excess of, the score is exhibited on the Terminal screen, as revealed in the image beneath.

The Fenriswolf Tetris variation

The Fenriswolf Tetris version can be mounted on Ubuntu by means of a uncomplicated snap command. So, Ubuntu variations 16.04 or later on are all set to install Fenriswolf Tetris, as they now have snap installed by default. Those who do not, having said that, can get it from the retail outlet.

Transferring on, enter the subsequent command in the terminal.

$ sudo snap install tetris-thefenriswolf

The Fenriswolf edition will be mounted. Operate the command below to start out the activity.

$ tetris-thefenriswolf.tetris

This will open up the match on the Terminal, displaying the score as effectively the moment the video game is over.

The visuals of the match can be noticed in the impression beneath:

This is the best model, in my impression, as it gives clear controls, the upcoming approaching piece, and most importantly, a alternative to pause the recreation in case the pizza delivery guy reveals up or an urgent errand requirements notice.


In this write-up, we have spelled out how you can install and engage in Tetris on Ubuntu in terrific element. It is an exciting block-matching video game, and you can delight in its thrilling block-setting up adventures as a respite from grinding do the job several hours. No matter whether you are at property or the place of work, a spherical or two of Tetris should to brighten up your temper a little bit.

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