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Symlink or a.k.a symbolic website link is a file that contains the address of some file or directory and points toward that directory or file. But, when you transfer or delete the authentic file, then the symlink receives broken, and it does not get the job done any longer. Despite the fact that the damaged symlinks do not operate, they take in the house on your program, and about some time, you recognize that you want to get rid of them and free of charge up some storage space.

This put up will provide you with a complete and in-detail guidebook on discovering and deleting a broken Symlink on the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS program. So, let us begin with mastering how to confirm a symbolic backlink file.

How to test a symlink?

If you want to know regardless of whether the chosen file is a symlink or not and if it is a symlink, then where it is pointing to, you can only kind the command provided beneath to get all such details desired.

This way, you can have all the important data linked to the symlink.

The screenshot highlighted l in the screenshot mentions that the file sort is a link, and the arrow ( -> ) concerning the two files is pointing to the original file.

Alright, after comprehension the notion of the symlink, let’s understand to uncover a broken symlink and delete it.

How to Discover a Damaged Symlink?

To obtain something in the Linux-based mostly running program, we can use the find command. If you want to uncover a broken symlink in a certain directory and its subdirectories, then initial go to the listing and execute the find command utilizing the subsequent syntax:

The over command will fetch all the damaged symlinks from the directory and its subdirectories and print them out in the terminal if there are any.

You can also present the directory route immediately to the obtain command, and it will also operate perfectly good. The command for undertaking so will go like this:

$ locate /Files/listing -xtype l

You can witness that equally of the above instructions have supplied us the exact same output.

Following recognizing about all the damaged symlinks, the deletion or removal of the symlink is truly simple and quick. Let us discover to delete or eliminate a damaged symbolic url.

How to Delete a Broken Symbolic backlink?

To delete or take away any file in the Linux Running technique, we can use the rm command. So, if you want to manually take away the symbolic website link, then just deliver the symbolic website link to the rm command:

This command will not show any results output, but the broken symlink will get deleted in a blink of an eye.

Effectively, this is not the only way that we have to find and delete a broken symlink. We can obtain and delete a broken symlink in a solitary command working with the discover command as well. For deleting a symlink employing the find command, form the command presented beneath:

$ discover /Documents/directory -xtype l -delete

Working with the higher than command, all the damaged symlinks inside of the listing and its subdirectories will be deleted devoid of any stress, and you will have a cleanse and crystal clear directory absolutely free from the broken symbolic links.


In this post, we have walked through a simple and to-the-issue guidebook on How to validate, come across, and delete a broken symlink in any Linux Working program. We have shown you how you can get rid of the symbolic inbound links and no cost up the procedure storage taken by the broken symlinks.

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